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(RNS) The pope is not a politician, a media loudmouth or an activist. He is a religious figure, wholly dedicated to representing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he understands it to a world caught up in a thousand other things.


  1. Simple people cannot even differentiate between an Apostolic letter, exhortation, encyclical and proclamation. Please study first before experting in the Roman Catholic Church. Dumbasses

  2. Pope Francis may not be a specific standard-bearer for the “left” or the “right”. That’s true. But he is ABSOLUTELY the new standard bearer for legalized gay marriage, every bit as much as his “shout out” admirer, Barack Obama.

    Even some of the Catholic legislators in Illinois directed quoted Pope Francis as they cast their votes to legalize gay marriage in Illinois. That’s a total mess, that’s an unprecedented mess, and that’s the effect of Francis’s words.

    The combination of Francis’s “Who am I to judge?” sound-bite and his “non-interference” argument has made clear all the gay-activist organizations that Francis has surrendered (not formally, but for all practical purposes) to the gay marriage activists.

    What can Catholics do to correct this situation? I honestly don’t know.

    • There’s a difference between the right of gay people to marry and a gay people to have christian marriages… A marraige in civil hall is outside the churches’ purview and authority.

    • Doc, There is nothing to correct, but yourself. Try reading that book again, and this time, pick out the parts that focus on love for your fellow man instead of the parts that you think give you the right to dictate how they behave. And lastly, get in line with your new Pope, or be prepared to be left by the wayside.

  3. The Pope can comment on the inequality in world economies all he wants. It won’t solve the problem with the Cronyism, Socialism, and Fascism that are driving the inequality. To suggest that the problem is some mythical “free” market is the height of naivete.

    He would do better to criticize the unholy alliance of Govt Regulators and Corporations. We need a separation of Corporate and State amendment.