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(RNS) Writing on the eve of the departure of world leaders to Johannesburg to attend a memorial service for Mandela, who died last week, Dominic Lawson wrote in the Daily Mail: "He was a giant -- but how absurd for the BBC to compare Mandela to Christ."


  1. A much closer comparison with Mancela would be his close friends Col. Gaddafi and Fidel Castro, or Osama Ben Laden

  2. Err. It wasn’t Evan Davis, it was Justin Webb who just asked Jimmy Carte r (prevocatively) if HE thought that Mandela could be compared to Jesus in his influence on humanity? Demol strating the way that stories and journalism work in the web age, this was mis-reported once and has been cut and pasted by a miriad of “journalists” and commentators, whk cannot be bnothered to check the original facts.

  3. The reporter is correct. Wise call. According to reports I have read, Mandela followed Christ–he certainly cannot be compared to God.