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(RNS) The image of Santa is anything but eternal. And it’s been revised any number of times.


  1. Christian researchers have put out the exact color of Jesus – the color code is F9FFD1 – as seen here:

  2. The right agenda is always in plain view on Fox, but sometimes it’s not all that well hidden racial bigotry peaks out for all to see. Peekaboo, I see you!

  3. Earold, I wouldn’t call it racial bigotry to refer to the traditional Santa as a white guy. Please, don’t get caught up in that indefensible aspect of liberalism: its own use of hate speech (bigot!) against anyone who says something that goes against the grain of its own unfounded assumptions.

    If you want to argue that Ms Kelly should have steered clear of the topic entirely and thereby prevent another silly display of liberal bigotry, I heartily agree.

    • Considering St. Nicholas was Turkish, calling him white is either an invention of the modern Europeans and Americans or appropriation of certain non-Christian imagery when try to get those ornery Celtic and Germanic tribes to convert. At best he is olive skinned, like Jesus.

      “Traditional Santa” has only been traditional for the last century or so. It has more to do with popular advertisements than actual practice.

      There was a racist undertone to Megyn’s statement. Santa and Jesus are “our” people. Christmas is really for whites.

      • St Nicholas is from what today is Turkey, but St. Nicholas was Greek as the Turks had yet to invade Asia Minor.

    • Duane, the fact that you wouldn’t call it racial bigotry doesn’t shock me given your past posts, which have given me a very good sense of your propensity to defend Fox, and consider it the only news channel that gives accurate news. Megyn (strange way to spell it) absolutely acted in a racially bigoted manner, by claiming both Santa, and Jesus as being the skin color she is, which is white. The only other possible explanation would be that she is just plain stupid, but I don’t think she is. The back peddling she did after that episode, claiming it was all intended to be humorous, which so clearly wasn’t, only serves to support my conclusion. Unfortunately, this type of subtle racial bigotry is not that uncommon for Fox, and for many other talking heads who spew the vomit of the politically hard right.