ROME (RNS) Vatican officials have approved what they believe to be a miracle attributed to the intercession of Pope Paul VI, putting the pontiff who served for much of the 1960s and ’70s one step closer to possible sainthood.

The Vatican’s Medical Commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints said the healing of an unborn child is medically “unexplainable,” and could serve as the miracle that allows Paul VI to be beatified.

A painting of Pope Paul VI, who issued the Humanae Vitae encycical in 1968, at the Casa Santa Maria dell'Umilta of the Pontifical North American College, Rome. Religion News Service file photo by Rene Shaw

A painting of Pope Paul VI, who issued the Humanae Vitae encycical in
1968, at the Casa Santa Maria of the Pontifical North
American College, Rome. Religion News Service file photo by Rene Shaw

The sainthood cause for Paul VI, who reigned 1963 to 1978, was opened in 1993, allowing him to be called a “Servant of God.” Last year, Pope Benedict XVI moved the process along in declaring that Paul “lived a life of heroic virtue,” allowing him to be called “Venerable.”

Paul was a pivotal pope for the Roman Catholic Church, even as he is sometimes overshadowed by the charismatic papacies of his predecessor, John XXIII, and John Paul II, who are both scheduled to be declared saints next year. John XXIII and Paul VI were seen as so important that the man who succeeded Paul, John Paul I, took both names as his own; he died a month after his election.

Paul oversaw the conclusion and implementation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), which among other things transformed relations with other Christians and Jews and changed the Mass from Latin to local languages. His 1968 encyclical “Humanae Vitae” banned artificial birth control, and he was also the first pope to visit Jerusalem.

In the early 1990s, a pregnant woman was told her fetus had serious problems that usually result in brain damage. Doctors advised her to abort the fetus, but the woman refused, praying for Paul’s intercession because of “Humanae Vitae.”

The child was born without any defects, though doctors waited to judge the veracity of the healing until the child reached puberty and could have a more thorough health examination.

The healing is not considered a certified miracle until it is approved by a team of theologians and Pope Francis. But the most difficult step in this process is usually the recognition from the medical commission.

In 2012, the Rev. Antonio Marazzo, the postulator for Paul’s sainthood cause, told Vatican Radio the events where “truly extraordinary and supernatural that occurred thanks to the intercession of Paul VI.” Last month, at a conference on Paul’s 1964 visit to the Holy Land, Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan said Paul’s beatification should be “relatively imminent.”

Once approved as a miracle — likely to come in the next several months, according to Vatican sources — Paul can be beatified, allowing him to be called “Blessed.” A second post-beatification miracle would be needed for canonization.



    • I would agree, except for the Hamlet vacillation that Paul displayed in the last of his two encyclicals, “Humanae Vitae,” in which he supported poverty and misery by standing against birth control. We know more. We know better. Why can’t we apply what we learn to religion as to everything else? Why have humans ever dared to know the mind of God? We show we can’t even manage our world by living according to what we constantly, increasingly learn about earth and all that it contains.

    • Are you serious!? He was among those responsible Vatican II, which turned the modern Catholic “church” protestant! I would not be surprised if he is burning in hell for what he has done and the heresies he has promoted, along with the likes of JP2, Ben16, (who are public heretics and have ties to masons and commies- read their books!) and their co conspirators. Read about how many real Popes, councils, saints, and even God himself have warned against and condemned the abuses these imposters have promulgated and endorsed. For example: Assissi prayer meetings are direct violation of the first Commandment! (so is kissing the koran, and receiving dung blessing- JP2) Please become humble and do some research before you blindly follow deceptions of the devil. Read the long St. Michael prayer by Pope Leo XIII and read about WHY he wrote it.
      Here also is some very good evidence: (warning: not for the proud of heart…)

    • « Paul VI is a hero of mine. » You must be kidding… right!!! Whouard!!!

      I just finish reading these three books in French – I don’t know if they have been translated in English, THEY SHOULD…!!!

      About Roncalli:
      THE Book that SHOULD STOP his beatification.

      About Montini:
      THE Book that HAS STOP his beatification. If you cannot read this book in French, at least check all the pictures – worth a 1000 words each!

      About Wojtyla:
      THE document that makes him NOT SO SAINT. He was a scandal!

      If you Google a little you will find all this in English.

      It is clear that the Church is trying to “canonize” the abject and heretic Council Vatican II. After reading MUCH MORE than these three books (hundreds of documents on the Internet since e few years), I believe that the Church should excommunicate Montini-Paul VI at post mortem title. First, because he was a freemason, thereby he was NOT A CATHOLIC, and no Catholic can become pope. He was a total HERETIC.

      The Church should sweep the Vatican from all those heresies and heretics and start all over again from SAINT PIUS X.

      But look who is left behind to do such a task…!!! A poor retired pope and a Jesuit member of the Rotary Club affiliated with freemasonry !!! It’s all over the internet…

      It is close to be hopeless, if it was not of the promise of Jesus Christ that «the doors of hell wouldn’t prevail against HIS Church.»

      Let us pray…

  1. Finally some real news about this long process for Pope Venerable Paul. I knew his miracle had to do with an unborn child and the word was he wassupposed to have been beatified during the Year of Faith which never happened. I grew up with this pope and I member when he died in 1978 I had gone to confession and the church doors were locked. Pope Paul was by no means perfect but he was very intelligent and did his best despite the New Mass which BTW was not his idea. HV should be required reading for everybody because it was eye opening. He was a Prophetic Pope.

  2. The Catholic Church would do well to end beatification and canonization as steps to officially placing its members, especially its pope, in heaven. First of all, the calendar is loaded, many times over and the process is costly. That money could be better used on the needy. Of course, “You’ll always have the poor with you.”

    Secondly, the whole basis of claimed “miracles” wrought by the intercession of the particular saintly person to qualify that person for status on the altar in the current system is just too vaporous to be considered a meaningful part of the procedure. And then there’s all the politics. Why is Pius XII, who so often posed with extreme asceticism, hollow cheeks and outstretched arms, still standing outside the door?

    • Even the notion of “hell” is nonsense out of ancient mythology. Those ancients created their eternal gods and places out of pure invention. They didm’t have the benefit of the demonstrably proven facts of science and newer knowledge of this universe. It would be good of the church, along with doing something real about clerical sex abuse and hiding it, to attend to the needs of our fellow humans who through no fault of their own are down and out. That is visible. That is real. That is no myth. Of course, it always was real and visible, even back in ancient times when myths were developed. Religion can and should also be brought up to date.

  3. According to my Bible I became a Saint when I received the Lord as my saviour. Saint – scripturally speaking, the “saints” are the body of Christ, Christians, the church. All Christians are considered saints. All Christian are saints—and at the same time are called to be saints. First Corinthians 1:2 states it clearly: “To the church of God in Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be holy…” The words “sanctified” and “holy” come from the same Greek root as the word that is commonly translated “saints.” Christians are saints by virtue of their connection with Jesus Christ. Christians are called to be saints, to increasingly allow their daily life to more closely match their position in Christ. This is the biblical description and calling of the saints.

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