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(RNS) Dozens of Catholic leaders are protesting the decision by Catholic University of America to accept a large donation from the foundation of Charles Koch, a billionaire industrialist who is an influential supporter of libertarian-style policies that critics say run counter to church teaching and to explicit declarations by Pope Francis.


  1. Good thing they only hate poor people and aren’t something truly evil, like pro-choice. Then their money’d really be tainted. #snarkasm

    • It is a stretch to consider Catholic universities these days as “bible thumpers.” Far from it. A school that is Catholic in more than name does not invite the likes of Obama and Sebelius to give commencement addresses.

      Big money going to universities claiming to be Catholic, though, is not good, eh? Soros sending millions anywhere, though, has the divine blessings of the god of the leftists.

      • Duane Lamers – “liberals cannot see their own liberalism on display and, thus, cannot acknowledge it. Conservatives have no such problem”


      • Its cute how you use “Catholic universities”, in the plural as opposed to the specific one in the article, Catholic University. Catholic University, is by all accounts plays its “religious school” credentials to the hilt unlike many colleges which are simply “Catholic universities”. They used alleged religious freedom to ban unions, co-ed dorms and enforce a code of conduct based on Catholic dogma. Its not Notre Dame or St. Johns. Schools typically associated with Catholic universities. Ones which have no conceivable adherence to Catholic doctrine as a condition to student life or coursework.

        Not very honest on your part, but expected.

        • Nor was your response particularly honest in addressing the main point of the article nor the second point I made about Soros money, points you skipped over because, most likely, you have no reply.

          “Its (sic) not Notre Dame or St. Johns. Schools typically associated with Catholic universities.” That is my point exactly.

          Not very sharp on your part, but expected.

          • You were shifting goalposts and trying to reframe the arguments in a dishonest direction. Your point was a rhetorical fallacy you use constantly. “Tu Quoque”. Avoid addressing the issue by pointing out alleged faults of the other side.

            Anyone doing just a bit of research on Catholic University will find it is a school which takes doctrinaire issues more seriously than the overwhelming majority of catholic universities. Your attempt to steer the argument towards talk of catholic universities in general was just evidence of your inability to address the topic in a straightforward manner. Typical.

            Its not ad hominem if I am addressing the argument’s merits or just insulting you. Of course its ironic that you decry ad hominem while engaging in one at the same time. I am a “leftist” therefore some kind of liar in your eyes. I will make this clear. You are not being dishonest because you are a conservative. You are being dishonest because you are deliberately trying to re-frame argument on a ridiculous tangent. No ad hominem on my part. .

        • No ad hominem here, I see. But then your definition of the term likely differs from that of most people outside the leftist camp.

          • No reply button available at the end of Larry’s reply to me in the afternoon of 19 December, so I post it here.

            Yes, I have shifted arguments. I’ll try to avoid that in the future.

            Meanwhile, I’ll continue to remind you of your use of weasel words to hide what appears to me to be a refusal to accept the words of the Constitution for what they say, as I’ve done most recently in this forum.

            On the other hand, you simply “move on” at times, especially when you’ve been presented an argument by me that you likely cannot address or are unwilling to do so. You have stated you move on; I’m imputing the reasons. The best way to dispel such conclusions, of course, is to address the issue in the first place.

    • Are you saying that CUA “bible thumps”? Yes, you are. Do you complain about Soros and his support of liberal institutions? No, you don’t.

      Now that I have focussed only on the article itself and your response and don’t give you the opportunity to kick about my expansion of the argument to include other Catholic universities, do you have any reply? Perhaps you’ve “moved on” again.

      Your criticism was valid. I amended my ways. Reply?

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  2. The slandering of .the Koch brothers and Tea Party members by left leaning Catholic Priests and marxist academics is distressing to use a kind word. Bearing false witness is sinful.

    • These same leftist priests likely have no complaint about Obama’s attempt to force religious institutions to abandon their Constitutional rights. In fact, I doubt they even know he’s doing so, being good consumers of mainstream media bias that they are.

      Liberals are liberals before they’re anything else: Teddy K, Pelosi, Kerry, Leahy, Biden . . . .

      • Before anything else? ANYTHING? How does that square with your faith? I bet you’d like to see those liberals suffer and die if you could, huh?

  3. How many of these groups complaining about the Libertarian Koch brothers are excepting money from the convicted felon, Anti American George Soros?

  4. “As you well know, Catholic social teaching articulates a positive role for government, an indispensable role for unions, just tax policies, and the need for prudent regulation of financial markets in service of the common good,” said the letter, also directed to Andrew Abela, dean of CUA’s new School of Business and Economics.

    What in the h3ll is this? When did Jesus think Government should do his job? After the government killed him, or when they we’re ripping his skin off with a clave?

    These Soros Socialists better GTFO of my Church.

  5. This doesn’t sound like the Catholic Church I grew up in….If you pardon my language….But, what the hell?……Limitied government….means government would stay out of any Church…especially the Catholic Church….Unless these folks like what the Obama administration is doing…,,What are they going to say next, abortions are okay? What a load of B.S.

    • Dionesia, just keep in mind that many posters here are people who have an “expanded” view of the meaning of words in the Constitution. Their principle spolkesman in this regard is Algore.

      Note, too, when confronted with observations about the current role of government vs the Constitution’s limits on it, these same posters never respond. The last thing assorted leftists are willing to admit is their own political philosophy. Instead, they “move on to other topics,” to paraphrase one of the posters whom I recently challenged on this very point.

      But I am hateful and hypocritical because I don’t toe the leftist line. And they don’t even use these pejoratives in anything that represents dictionary definitions of the terms.

  6. These Koch’s are so explicitly looking like the anti-Christ. Sneeky rich money god takes the people by money storm. Every man has his price. Including CUA? ? ? I’m asamed for u who is not ashamed before God.And CUA knows what they’re doing getting involved with these Koch’s.It’s greed and power.

  7. “The Koch brothers are not Christian”, but Jewish, according to, a famous Jewish online publication. I am surprised that any Jewish organization would take credit for the Koch brothers(not William though, he is the good one). Old George Soros is also of Jewish background, but many say that he was a Nazi collaborator with his father in Hungary.

    • That’s idiotic, the Koch Brothers are not Jewish. Try any reputable website. The Koch Brothers’ father is partially responsible for one of the most infamous anti-Semitic organizations in the world, the John Birch Society. It stirred up some of the most vitriolic anti-Jewish sentiment of the late 20th century–in fact, it’s still around. For those who don’t speak German, “Koch” is a name like many, many German names which are common to both Germans and German Jews.

        John Birch Society had other Jewish members besides Koch Bros father. In fact, papa Koch got rid of any one who would speak an anti tribe remark.

  8. No it’s got naught to do with PC…its got to do with tbe very obvious Jewish (Talmudic-Satanic) machinations that go towards the ongoing infiltration of Christian institutions by Anti-Christian liars and Zealots. Like Antipope Francis who offered Sainthood to fake, Jewish “Pope”, J.P II…!! THE Vatican no longer runs the Church..and it’s proclamations have no authority as per our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…..I hope some of these heretics and heathens are reading this. .

  9. The Kochs are not anti government; they are pro good government. What we have here in the United States now is irresponsible government.

  10. We may have a irresponsible goverment here but one thing we don’t have is an irresponsible God who is still in control. No reason to sell out to the Koch’s. Where’s ur faith. In man I suppose.