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(RNS) Pope Francis, who made headlines in recent weeks by lambasting 'trickle down" economic theories as unfair to the poor, is shrugging off criticism from political conservatives who dubbed him a Marxist.


  1. Francis has little understanding of economics, at least as it exists in the U.S. His lambasting of “trickle down” is wrong as it exists in this country. Living standards and incomes for all groups rose, some more slowly but they did rise, in the years beginning with the Reagan presidency.

    Before that time we were largely Keynsian. Nobody can demonstrate that “the poor” became better off under this economic policy. Nor, for that matter, can anyone demonstrate that the trillions of dollars spent on welfare programs since LBJ began the mess has done any good. We’;re still hearing about the plight of the poor, but the liberals are not even being challenged on the half-century failure of their programs. That’s because there are almost as many liberals in the GOP as there are in the Democrat Party.

    And we wonder why most voters are discusted with government! When conservatives make a move, they get jumped on by both political parites, which tells us exactly what we have in the GOP establishment.