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WASHINGTON (RNS) A growing number of Americans greet Christmas with a "Happy Holidays" spirit rather than a religious one, but joy and and generosity still abound, a new survey finds.


  1. A clerk saying Happy Holiday does not change in the least the meaning of Christmas. Christmas is a matter of the heart. The commercialism of the season offends me more. I have professed Christ for 50+ years. The issue is very small tempest in very small teapot.

  2. “Those who read the Christmas story from the Bible… Fewer than one in three ,,, or Catholics (28 percent) say they do so.”
    This may well be because Catholics go to Mass on Christmas and hear the story read from the pulpit.

  3. Using logic and reason to come to a conclusion about the virgin birth.
    1. I wasn’t there, so I have no firsthand knowledge of it.
    2. Those that wrote about it in the Bible were not there, and did so over three generations later.
    3. Anyone that has ever played telephone, where a message is passed from person to person knows how inaccurate that message is at the end.
    4. Under normal conditions, that I won’t describe, a woman is no longer a virgin once she has been impregnated.
    5. Joseph and Mary got married, but didn’t consummate the marriage with sexual intercourse the day of the marriage.
    6. Mary told Joseph she was pregnant some time later, and they still never had sex.
    7. In the time of this supposed virgin birth, a woman who got pregnant, not by her husband, was stoned to death.

    Since no direct verifiable information is available, a definitive conclusion can’t be made. However each person can draw a likely conclusion based on what is known.

    So the question is; Is it more likely that Mary was impregnated by a God, or by another man and lied about it to keep from being killed in most horrific fashion?

    To me, the conclusion is obvious, and Christianity hinges on this event. Logically, if this is not likely true, then likely the rest are just stories made up by man. It’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves though.

  4. +


    After 2000 years a new Herod
    tries to kill baby Jesus again
    he doesn’t just sit there on his tod
    he arrogantly comes out of his den

    No more “Merry Christmas”
    only “enjoy”, “Happy Holidays”
    no more allowed to witness
    no more allowed to praise

    An old man, they call “Santa”
    supersedes the Holiness of “The Child”
    dressed in a fluffy red “manta”
    he domineers and Jesus is reviled

    No more public “Mangers” allowed
    only most fancy “Holiday” trees
    in front of which heads are bowed
    asking the tree the world to appease

    Oh, my Jesus, please don’t delay
    Your coming “on the clouds”
    so that all of us this Christmas day
    may testify to the crowds.

    Rita Biesemans December 2 2013

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