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(RNS) The Freethought Equality Fund plans to back 15 to 20 candidates but so far shows no fundraising activity on its most recent Federal Election Commission filings.


  1. Wonder of wonders! The atheist pac is backing Democrats. I note, too, that they don’t identify themselves as atheists but as the “Freethought Equity Fund.” Liberals can always be counted on to hide who they are and what they propose. Abortion is “women’s healh” in every statement printed or uttered by liberals. “Progressive” actually means sharing misery, not economic advancement for anyone and it means loss of freedom through greater government power. “Fair” means what socialists want according to their definition of the word. And on and on.

    No complaint here about atheism itself. After all, it is fundamentally a belief, as is religious belief, since there’s no scientific evidence for either belief.