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(RNS) "Phil would never incite or encourage hate. We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right."


  1. His right to free speech and freedom of religion is constitutionally protected. But that does not mean that he is protected from the consequences of expressing himself in a way his employer finds offensive. Lots of businesses will fire you for expressing things in the workplace that are offensive or problematic – even if you have constitutional rights to express yourself. My big question is – who cares about some uneducated redneck and what he thinks about anything?

    • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

      “who cares about some uneducated redneck and what he thinks about anything.”
      Talk about arrogance . snootiness, pathetic snobbery, etc.
      Education is no guarantee of being a decent, moral person.
      Just one example—many of the German Nazi leaders were highly educated.
      In fact, the majority of SS leaders were doctors–the most famous of which was Dr. Mengele.

      • Deacon Bresnhan, a characteristic of liberals is that they experience a certain amount of neck pain due to their holding their noses high in the air all the time.

        Liberals like to claim to be educatied. They don’t tell us, though, that they graduate from the schools that teach them snootiness and have “disabused” their students of any notion that there’s a moral order independent of the “I.” Libs can’t help who they are; they’ve been brought up and educated that way. Some of them change, though, seeing the light once they start marrying and raising a family, in that order.

  2. “Who cares”, you ask? The correct answer is “crooked skunks at A&E are gonna care ” when hundreds of thousands of Duck Dynasty fans cook A&E’s slimy goose this Christmas!!

  3. Something we’ve been noting: Catholic News Service reports that the ACLU has issued a report noting that Catholic hospitals show a decrease in the quality of “women’s health services” these days. By “women’s health” the ACLU, as does every other liberal organization and person, means abortion service.

    Some of us have been noting that it is a common trait among liberals to redefine language to suit their needs. They do it with “rights,” with “hate,” and with “bigotry” as well. Thanks to help from the media, they gain support in this way.

    Editors with any respect for the language as it is commonly used and understood would require writers to use language plainly. They would refuse to run copy that disguises abortion under the term “women’s health.”

    That won’t happen, of course, because editors rise to their station from within the ranks of “journalists.” We know where 90% of “journalists” stand on issues regarding politics, religion and culture.

  4. Feel free to defend his racist remarks as well. About how blacks were better off during Jim Crow. Those statements alone are enough to get someone canned from a media job.

    Please defend this as being “biblical”. C’mon guys bigots used to do that all the time back in the day.