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(RNS) The General Synod, the Church of England’s governing body, is prepared to debate a controversial motion that would make clerical vestments optional.


  1. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Funny how popular the Dalai Lama is among young people–and he always wears robes Buddhist holy men are identified with. According to some
    the robes denote an embrace of the spiritual world and a spurning of the evils of this world. Maybe this is what good young people of today are looking for. Maybe some are seeking a religion that is an antidote to the likes of the antics of those who feel polluted by our” twerking” culture.

    • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

      My comment should have finished “the antics of those who are promoting or compromising with our “twerking” culture.

  2. Deacon
    You forget the Bible and signs of the times. The truth is that it is no more fashionable to be formally identified with dogmas, as religions are today. It is particularly more so in the western cultures because of the entrenched freedom of expression.
    A situation where 50 percent of people under 30, ‘the trendy’ openly confess a lack of religion does not suggest that many will embrace preisthood to start.with. And for those caught in that web, they need to feel comfortable in the public. This to me is the issue!

  3. It is true that the young and trendy want little to do with established religion. It is also true that these self-absorbed individuals want little to do with any benign organizations that are beneficial to humanity. They are not members of anything except Facebook and Twitter. This is the reason that so many organizations such as the Freemasons, Elks, cultural organizations cannot capture the interest of these young darlings. Their aim is total self-absorption, but, perhaps, in their defense the demands of the workplace are unbearable.