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(RNS) A deep divide within the United Methodist Church over how to minister to gays and lesbians has led a Washington, D.C., pastor to suggest the denomination should not wait until its 2016 General Conference to change its policies.


  1. Wasn’t there anybody on the side of “that draconian effort to force obedience to selected rules” available for comments on this? Or is there only one side?

    • There is only one REASONABLE side. The one punishing a man for performing the marriage ceremony for his own son, is not it.

    • This is RNS, so yes there is only one side of this issue for the editors. This article is a prime example of what is known in the journalism business as “angling” and “stacking.”

  2. Yes the church should finally resolve if they are going to trust Gods created order for sexuality and marriage or not. Schaeffer did not and he was rightfully removed. Anyone else who does what he did should be removed en masse immediately. They can go and start a fake church.

  3. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    The biased “news” coverage Bill observes as being very much in evidence here is also at tsunami level in most of the media. And like Bill I expected more unbiased news coverage from this site. How one can pretend to be presenting news when only people on one side of a controversy are quoted. The so-called “news” then becomes biased reporting.
    It is apparently the secularized media and addled academics who count for more than the Bible among some clergy who appear to have been corrupted by the “world, the flesh, and the devil.”

  4. The issue has been decisively resolved at every General Conference beginning in 1972. It was most recently brought to resolution and decided at the 2012 GC.

    As far as the vast majority of the denomination is concerned, the issue IS resolved.

    • “As far as the vast majority of the denomination is concerned, the issue IS resolved.” Maybe. Maybe not. As far as Jesus is concerned, the issue is not resolved.

      • As far as Jesus is concerned this issue is over. God made them male and female be fruitful and multiply. Affirmed and confirmed by Jesus. Its only selfish humanity that is confused.

  5. What does Rev. Snyder believe that a special General Conference will decide. The 2012 General Conference was the first one where a move to change the Social Principles failed to come out of the Church & Society B legislative committee and failed on the floor by a wider vote. Moves to change our ordination standards and chargeable offenses didn’t even come up for a vote. What would be different now?

  6. Ah, yes, the almighty “Book of Discipline.” Well, I imagine that it may well have once contained an endorsement of slavery or a condemnation of inter-racial marriage. Just because it’s in this book doesn’t mean it’s just or morally sound. If the UMC wants to stand by its anti-gay policy, so be it, but they should drop the “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” because the defrocking of Frank Schaefer is proof of the exact opposite.

  7. Here is the rub in what this pastor is saying all of these sudden well publicized “acts of rebellion” and calls for changes now…rather than the 2016 General Conference has more to do with the liberals in the UMC knowing full well they are losing the fight in the General Church at large….This coming General Conference will be even more conservative in its make up than the 2012 Conference where the Liberals and Gay lobby threw there embarrassing temper tantrum on the floor of Conference.

    In fact the 2020 GC will most likely be held in Nigeria which scares the Reconciling movement and the MFSA to death.

  8. I left the church over this foolishness, a church I was born into in 1960 keep in mind. The church of my birth, baptism and family membership until 2012. This is not an issue of recent concern. Far from it. After reunification in 1968 the very first General Conference United Methodists decided the most pressing issue for concentrated effort was to slam LGBT in 1972 by ratifying the most abusive and destructive language prophylactically indemnifying institutional condemnation in vindictive retaliation for the Stonewall Inn riots of summer 1969.

    Face the facts and truth. It was unChristlike. It was unChristian. And it could not stand. We’ve been locked into mortal combat over it ever since. LGBT are not sinful. They didn’t choose their sexual identity. We exist and this it the contradiction tearing the church apart. The nasty vindictive legislative actions since have made this conflict untenable. Inerrancy is the primary problem. It prevents genuine honest conversations. It keeps in place institutional abuse meted out to LGBT. And protects pleased expectations of righteous prideful piety outwardly thinly veiling a nasty reality of unG-dliness inwardly, not too dissimilar to Christ’s conviction of the Pharisees for washing the outside of the cup so carefully but ignoring the filth inside.

    So I ask you. What in the Name our Lord and Savior is to be done? What? I’m now an Episcopalian. I love my new church. But it took massive fortitude to take positive action in my best interest and in Christ’s great love whom I adore.

  9. You know. Just for the record, Rev. Schaefer’s credentials have been reinstated, he was refrocked and is reassigned to a church. What do you say about that?