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TORONTO (RNS) Last month, about 150 members of the group Lev Tahor ("Pure Heart") decamped from a village north of Montreal to Chatham, Ontario, about 200 miles southwest of Toronto. Comprising about 40 families, the sect fled just before a Quebec court ordered 14 children into foster care.


  1. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    There should have been some balancing information given in this article describing some of the gross mistreatment that has resulted in injury and deaths when children fall into the clutches of a soulless government bureaucracy. In some states and provinces the parade of government incompetence horrors never seems to end. Having read accounts of such problems it is hard to believe some government agency will make better parents than natural parents.
    Add this to the fact that government agencies have been known to justify their actions by fabricating stories that smear parents. and there should be more skepticism in cases such as this.