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The first Catholic official to be convicted for covering up for clergy sex abuse has seen his conviction overturned. Everyone is making lists to wrap up the year. And your daily dose of Duck Dynasty updates is in today's roundup.


  1. “Are ‘liberal Christians’ and ‘conservative Christians’ worshipping the same God?”

    No, not if gay marriage is on the table. Perhaps on other topics like feeding the poor. But gay marriage is outright spitting in God’s face. Definitely not an act of worship towards Him.

    • There is the Jesus that is in the Bible and there is:

      Conservative Jesus‎

      The Jesus of the Leviticans

      But luckily there is also the Jesus which would forgive the hateful bigoted petty one some want to follow

  2. I have long considered Christian churches/sects and sects within sects (e.g., liberal and conservative Catholics) to be really just another flowering of the competing pagan sects of ancient Rome, all worshiping a different god or goddess. sincerely, of course. But unable to use the Bible, the Theory of Natural Law or other self-declared, non-empirical “authorities” as weapons against each other. And seculars.

    • That should read “unable to stop using.” I wish there were an edit function here. Almost every other web site has one.

  3. Here is a blog that Religion News might want to check out and follow in the new year. An abuse survivor is writing almost daily posts at:

    Commentary on the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Australia)

    He is providing very useful insights into the workings of that Inquiry. He has been denied the right to tell his story to the Inquiry and has hinted that if the Commissioners continue to prevent his testimony that he will take some sort of public action or protest.

    His latest post today is about how the Salvation Army in Australia is now taking millions of dollars in donations from the alcohol and gambling industries, which the SA does not do in other countries since those ‘vices’ create many of the social problems that the SA tries to help alleviate. The Inquiry will continue in the new year examining some high profile Salvation Army child abuse cases, so that blogger is providing some background information. He was abused as a child in a Salvation Army childrens’ home.

    • My, one victim of child abuse has been found in a SA home. We ought to have a fullscale investigation of the SA.

      There just may be another side to the blogger’s story that justifies it not getting any traction. However, “journalists” won’t investigate that at all lest they find themselves with a story that their own agenda won’t let them publicize. Worse yet, they might not have enough objectivity even to see that there could be more to the story.

      This happens every day. That’s a principle reason why the alternative media are so popular.