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So the boss calls but you can't get to the phone. Except the boss is Pope Francis. If he does call, pray that you're the bishop who just bought an eight-bedroom mansion with a five-car garage. All that and more in today's Roundup.


  1. I was hoping that the “journalist” who brought us the fact about the Camden bishop would have delved into the reasons for the purchase of the large dwelling. We don’t get that part of the story because, perhaps, it would destroy the reason to write a smarmy couple of sentences.

    As I’ve noted a couple times already, there’s plenty of liberal bias that enters the world of RNS.

    • Not Duane Lamers

      I would like to know what good reason a bishop would need, or rather how he could afford such a house before I pass judgement as well.. Could it have been a gift? Do they only get paid from the church? Is not the spread of fair earned wealth a good thing? Or must it only be to: those who won’t, from: those who say they have done and do, with wealth taken from me and you? Is not the labor of the established worth keeping established as keeping corn for next years planting? Or should the demand for fairness cause us to lay down our pursuits in the fairness in that those who don’t struggle, and strive for anything should now support me and you? It would only be “fairness” for me to starve to death in my waiting to be fed by them…

      Get used to the Liberal Bias. It’s only going to get worse, now that we have a Latino – Jesuit for a Pope. A Pope who seems to be running for Mother Teresa, rather than just being Pope. We must all conform to the social justice dialogue, and self-sacrifice ourselves to death in order to satisfy those who would not sacrifice even the contemplation. This all can only end very badly for us all.. “Please God, Save the common man.. So I may do your work through mine own..” The man who has absolutely nothing has more than I. Without even a shirt on his back, as Zero is way more, and less risk than what I owe..