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ROME (RNS) The former member of the Swiss Guards reported the unwanted attention to his superiors, but was told he misunderstood the conversations, which he said took place in Italian, a language the guard conceded he did not speak fluently.


  1. Here’s a suggestion for the Catholic Church. Stop the entire celibacy thing, and let the Priest and Nuns get married.
    They are not supernatural beings, just men and women, with all the desires that go along with that. They would also be much more qualified to counsel married couples.
    It seems that for the men, there is a small percentage that prefer to have sex with adult males, and I have no issue with that. Unfortunately in some cases, the males they choose are not adults, but children, and that I have great issue with. I suspect some of these perverts are somehow justifying these sick twisted crimes in their minds that it isn’t actually sex, similarly to Clinton’s claim about Lewinski.

    For those who violate children, if they can’t follow Matthew 19: 10-12, then follow Mathew 18:9, 5: 29, or Mark 9: 47, and cut that equipment off.