OKLAHOMA CITY (RNS) The New York-based Satanic Temple prematurely released design plans for a Satanist monument it hopes to place on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds.

“The Satanic Temple” unveiled its proposal for a monument it intends to erect next to another religious statue: a depiction of the Ten Commandments on the Oklahoma State Capitol. Illustration courtesy of The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple unveiled its proposal for a monument it intends to erect next to another religious statue: a depiction of the Ten Commandments on the Oklahoma State Capitol. Illustration courtesy of the Satanic Temple

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Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said he mistakenly sent the plans to the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission via email, triggering their disclosure on news and social networking sites via a press release on Monday (Jan. 6).

“I didn’t mean to reach out to the media until the commission had the formal submission,” he said.

The group wants to erect the monument next to a depiction of the Ten Commandments that has been on the state grounds since 2012. Legislators opened the door to such displays when they pushed through a bill in 2009 giving permission for the Ten Commandments monument, which was paid for with private funds.

The plans show a 7-foot tall-statue of a seated Satan flanked by two children. The design includes two important Satanist symbols: the pentacle, located above Satan’s head, and the baphomet. Greaves said the goat-headed baphomet is believed to be a symbol of idolatry that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping, and it is now part of disparate occult and mystical traditions.

“The symbol is now a constitutionally protected one that stands for the rights of heretics, for tolerance and free inquiry, and for the unjustly outcast,” Greaves said.

Final plans are not complete yet, but Greaves said the back slab would “almost certainly be granite,” and the sculpture itself would be an as-yet-undetermined metal.

The commission has no deadline for approving or rejecting the application, and the panel imposed a moratorium on new displays last month after receiving a Hindu group’s application for a monument.

“I’m sure the attorneys will decide the legality of the moratorium,” Greaves said, “but as long as the Ten Commandments monument remains on the Capitol grounds, we believe we have legal standing, and there is no reason for the commission not to consider our application.”



  1. Dear Mr. Horton — A pentacle is NOT symbol of Satanism…an INVERTED pentacle is. Please do not confuse the two. A pentacle (and pentagram) are protective symbols representing Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and above all Spirit. The Pentacle and Pentagram are most commonly associated with Witchcraft, which, by the way, is also NOT Satanic. Witchcraft and Satanism are distinctly different and separate religions.

    • PriestessTeresa

      The schools could seriously use it to begin a discussion about religion, truth and ancient symbols and beliefs….this misinformation….(not even knowing about pentacles)… and all misinformation only separates humanity more. It has gone on far too long!

    • If that is not an inverted Pentagram, then can you please clarify what is “inverted” Toniann? For some reason I was under the impression the singular point at the bottom denoted “inverted”. If it is the other way around and two points of the star are located on the lower half of the design, then I cannot wait to tell this to all of my Pagan and Wiccan friends who have told me otherwise.

    • The Pentacle is Wiccan I believe. It is worn or displayed with ONE point on the star straight up. The Satanist symbol is TWO points up, representing the goat’s head. I have been around Wicca a great deal and was married to a Wiccan priest at one point. Definitely do not confuse the two. The two groups don’t even care for each other very much.

  2. The upturned pentacle and the Baphomet are long-standing and established Satanic symbols (see http://www.dpjs.co.uk/symbols.html ), and I’m sure that Satanists worldwide would be proud to see this monument erected. It is only fair in a democratic country that all religions are treated equally – if Christians want their symbols pushed into people’s faces in courtrooms, schools and other public places, it is only right and fair that any other religion can pose in the same manner. The only other alternative is to give up on freedom of belief, freedom of expression, or conversely and perhaps sensibly, to remove religion from the public sphere as most other developed countries are doing.

    • I agree with your points about equality of religion, Vexen, and thank you for the informative URL. It also helped me to clarify my point to Mr. Horton that he used the term pentacle and should have used the words upturned or reversed pentacle instead. The pentacle and pentagram are currently widely accepted in association with Neo-Pagans, not Satanists.

  3. Wow! This is getting fun.

    I’m an Atheist. I don’t believe in Satan or any other gods.
    But if the Christians want to keep putting mangers and Commandments everywhere on PUBLIC property, they have to expect other religions to join in as they wish.

    America is not a Christian nation. Thank…….goodness!

    • No we aren’t a Christian nation Shaman. I would be interested to know how much you have read about our founding fathers. Your personal explanation and not someone else’s “Googled commentary” as to why we have biblical references on nearly every one of our national monuments will be of great interest to me. Perhaps you did not know the United States has a Holy Christian Bible laid in the cornerstone of the Washington Monument? Or what is inscribed on the highest point of the monument? Oh yes, the Department of the Interior also has a Christian Holy Bible laid in one of the cornerstones. Are you offended yet? I can list at least ten or 15 more reference from my city if you are interested… I am also wondering if by chance you are a military veteran? Yes, I am before you ask. Our oath includes God.

      • Sorry but, I’m not sorry.
        It appears religion is finally going away in America! This is a joyous occasion indeed.

        “In every country and in every age, the preacher has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

      • I have read plenty about the founding fathers, my friend, and a lot of them were atheists. A number of them were deists. They believed in a creator but did not believe in the supernatural or miracles. They also did not believe in a personal god. In short, they would not have been respected by most churches I’ve been to in Oklahoma.

        Ben Franklin was an atheist per his AUTObiography.

        George Washington, on his deathbed, did not summon a Christian minister or priest. In fact, Masonic rites were performed.

        Thomas Jefferson, known by some as the father of the constitution, had this to say about Christianity, “Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting “Jesus Christ,” so that it would read “A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;” the insertion was rejected by the GREAT MAJORITY, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination.”

        He also said, “I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition (Christianity) one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.”

        My friend, this man wrote the Declaration of Independence which you no doubt hold dear. Many of the founders were like this and it was a verifiable and irrefutable MINORITY that were the Christians.

        Just like with certain compromises on slavery, the religious stuff was a compromise to keep the potato-eaters peaceful. Politicians are good at conjuring whatever is needed to placate the people, in this case for the greater good.

        I recommend reading Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist church where he plainly states that religion is a deeply personal thing and has absolutely no place in politics and that therebshould be a wall of separation between church and state.

        The founding fathers were fairly brilliant men and therefore much less likely to be what you think they were.

        Deists and Christians have little in common and to modern-day fundamentalist Christians the deists would be considered satanists. The deists used the term God interchangeably with Nature’s God. This is NOT the god of the bible. I could go on like this with just about every one of the founders, but I fear I’ve written more than you wanted to read and even though my words are factual you will choose to not believe any if it. America.

        • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

          – – SAID NO GOD, EVER.

          “UNALIENABLE” Rights disavows any connection to any God, especially the God of the Bible which offers no such rights of any kind.

          America is founded on MAN-MADE LAWS.

          American’s constitution is Godless. Don’t forget it.

  4. Earold Gunter

    I see this satanic display as vile, and offensive, and it should not be allowed on any government grounds period.
    By the way, I feel the same way about Christian, or any other religious displays. Put them on your own property. light them up as much as local rules will allow, and view them as often as you need to, to reaffirm your beliefs, or whatever else it may do for you, just don’t do any of it with my tax dollars.

    • IntriguedBrit

      Being from the UK and having come across this story via several media outlets including MSNBC, I am quite intrigued by the furore this is causing.
      I believe that the original monument should not have been allowed, and by doing so the Satanic Temple is fully justified in requesting to place their monument alongside.

      However, I digress, as the intention of my reply was to illuminate Earold to the fact that the monument is due to be privately funded, in the same way the original one was, and would not impose on his tax dollars at all.

      “As Time’s report added, a number of other groups have made requests to erect monuments, “including a Hindu group, an animal-rights group and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

      All of the monuments, including the Satanic sculpture, would be privately financed, and wouldn’t cost taxpayers a dime. These groups are simply asking for is comparable public space the state legislature already set aside for the Christian monument.” Source http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/sympathy-the-devil-ok-city

      Just sayin’…

      • Earold D Gunter

        IntriguedBrit, thank you for your civil reply. It is not the funding of either display that uses my tax dollars, it is the property on which it is displayed that I was referring to. It is on state land, owned by the state, and paid for by tax dollars from the people of that state. Publically owned property should not be a place for religious displays, because not everyone who pays taxes agrees with the displays. It is thought that if displays of any religion are allowed it would be fair, and it is for all those who have religious beliefs. However this does not take into account of those who don’t have any religious beliefs, like me, who also pay taxes for that land.

        • Harry schultz

          I agree with Mr. Gunter, that any religious display on publicly owned property is an affront to me, a non-deist. However, if such displays are allowed, perhaps a tree could be planted, dedicated to all non-believers. The Oxygen it provides would be readily available to all, believers or non, And, it would be more useful than all the statues which could be erected.

    • My feeling is, either take down the 10 commandments currently on the grounds or allow other religions to put their monuments up.

      The article left off the proposed inscription:
      “The Spirit of Compassion, Justice and Wisdom should prevail over the Written or Spoken Word”

      The funny thing is, the expression is one embraced freely by Jesus in the NT but largely ignored by Christians.

  5. The world is getting ready to show who they really worship , as Satan and his anti-Christ is their true god . The bible is allows right- on target just like it said would happen in these end times .

    • Earold Gunter

      Michael, It sounds like you think it is time that you gave all your wealth away to the poor and awaited the second coming of your lord huh? What, not that committed?

      • Sorry there , Earold , but I do not have a ton of temporary wealth in this passing life . However , I do lay my treasures in heaven where they eternally await for me . Jesus said that whatever men do they shall allows have the poor among them . Why don’t you commit on The Lord Jesus Christ as your savior ? Where your treasure is , so is your heart .

        • Earold Gunter

          Michael, You are far less committed to your beliefs than the Muslims who strap on bombs and die killing infidels, becoming martyrs for their God. Using an analogy of a bacon and egg breakfast, your commitment to your God is the egg, while theirs is the bacon.
          Are you sure you believe, or might you have a mustard seed of doubt?
          Why don’t you read your Bible, from start to finish. Do it without prejudice, but honest logic, and reason. Ponder the mistakes, the violence, and how illogical it is that your God supposedly sacrificed himself to save you from him.

          • Bad analogy, Earold , as Muslims hate pork for one thing , and will not get the pleasure of eternal fornication with 72 virgins before a Holy God in heaven for the murder of by-standers . One tiny mustard seed can grow a great huge tree of faith . God , who created all things, gave me a way of escape from his Holy wrath which is coming upon this present world , and to you one day if you do not repent through Jesus Christ as your savior . There is a way that seems right to a man ( other than in Christ ) , but the end thereof are the ways of death .

    • Yeah, the bible is always right. Like when it got the age of the earth right. And when it said that the earth came before the sun and stars as well, oh wait… Nevermind.

        • No he doesn’t. The bible is clearly wrong in terms of both the age of the earth and the order in which earth/stars/light came into being. According to the biblical narrative, light is separated from darkness (1st day) before there are any light-giving bodies (4th day), the earth is created (2nd day) before stars or the sun (4th day), plants are created (3rd day) before the sun (4th day). etc, etc, etc.

          • The light of the sun was separated from the face of the earth because of a vapor which diffused the sun’s light in which later the sun appear in an unclouded sky . All the days leading up to the 4th day were not 24 hr. solar days , but refers to a beginning and ending of a ” creative day ” in which certain things were created in a parabolic use of natural phenomena .

        • Earold Gunter

          Michael, the analogy was not bad, just purposeful irony, as was the use of the mustard seed. Does religion inhibit your ability to see this?

          It is great that your God gives you a way to escape his Holy wrath. Sounds like a nice fellow, but maybe has some anger issues, huh?

          Kneeling at the feet of a wrathful, jealous God, FOREVER, just doesn’t sound like a good time to me. It’s all yours man, have a good time.

  6. “The world is getting ready to show who they really worship , as Satan and his anti-Christ is their true god . The bible is allows right- on target just like it said would happen in these end times .”

    Satan is the enlightened one, the light bringer, and is therefore condemned by a jealous god. So much for a perfect god….

    I agree with Gunter – there should be no religious displays of any kind in or on the property of government buildings.

    I like that one: ( I am an atheist for most of my life, but this poem
    The Litanies of Satan
    Les Litanies De Satan as written by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)
    (translated by Joanna Richardson)

    O thou, of Angels loveliest, most wise,
    O God betrayed by fate, deprived of praise,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    O Prince of exile, who was dispossessed,
    Who ever rises stronger when oppressed,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    O thou who knowest all, Hell’s sovereign
    Known healer of mankind’s afflictions,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who the lepers and pariahs doomed
    Show out of love the Paradise to come,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who in Death, your mistress old and strong,
    Breeds Hope – delightful aberration!

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who dost give the outlaw the proud glance
    Which damns the crowd who watch his sufferance,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who dost know where greedy earth enfolds
    The precious stones a jealous God concealed,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou whose clear eye knows the deep sepulchres
    Where multitudes of metals lie interred,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou whose great hand conceals the precipice
    From the somnambulist whom roofs entice,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who by magic softens the old bones
    Ofloitering drinks by horses trampled down,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who, consoling frail mankind in pain,
    Taught us to make our guns and gun-cotton,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who didst set thy mark, accomplice skilled,
    Upon the heart of Croesus harsh and vile,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Thou who put into women’s hearts and eyes
    The cult of wounds, the love of poverty,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Staff of the exile and discoverer,
    Confessor of condemned conspirator,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

    Father to those whom in his sombre wrath
    God drove from his Paradise on earth,

    Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

  7. TiffanyinTexas

    So they got the Christian symbol in there and then stopped approving any other monuments….yeah, sure they aren’t favoring one religion over another.

    “the panel imposed a moratorium on new displays last month after receiving a Hindu group’s application for a monument.”

  8. The inverted pentacle is a symbol of the world’s dominion over spirit, and was adopted by Satanism. The Pentacle itself has many uses in Paganism, Judaism and early Christian religious mysteries.

    Baphomet should have one large breast, as “he” is half male, half female.

    It’s interesting how Satanists adopted a symbol like Baphomet who was created to show the union of opposites as an alchemical sigel by Eliphas Levi who was working within the Christian mysteries. The idea that the goat is in some way evil (and this Satanic) is fairly modern and was not intended when Levi made the image in the 1800s. In fact he was most likely thinking of the Greek God Pan—because the word “pan” means “universal,”—as the image depicts universal truths (including the words Solve et Coagula, a cornerstone of Alchemy).

    It’s actually quite annoying that this perfectly good symbol, with it’s Caduceus, alchemical symbols, and message that we are all ONE (male and female, black and white, high and low) and therefore transmutation is only a matter of re-organizing the basic units, something which is now the foundation of all our science, is considered “Evil” and “Satanic.”

    • That symbol should indeed be considered for what it is, a conglomeration of heathen nonsense. Your pseudo-scholarly analysis does nothing to change that.

  9. I hope that God will take this to hand and utterly destroy this pagan image as He did in the Old Testament by killing all those who worshipped Baal. Infants were sacrificed alive as they were placed into the arms ofthis pagan statue and burned alive. Don’t be fooled people; Satan has been the father of lies from the beginning.

  10. Wow, Edward, I’m really not sure what side you’re trying to align yourself with, lol.

    I’m hoping they’ll approve the monument to the hallowed FSM. Pastafarian and Proud!

  11. Satan has been trying to mimic God from the very beginning. Over and over God warned the Israelites against idol worship. There were severe consequences as a result of their disobedience. What does the Lord require of us? To love Him above all and our neighbours as ourselves. His commandments are there for our own protection as well as community. God will not be mocked forever.

  12. Whenever one religious group is granted the right to use public property to memorialize its deities, doctrines, or other factors of its theology, other groups must be granted the same privilege. What will end this silliness in Oklahoma will be the deciding of the current lawsuit in favor of the ACLU and whatever plaintiffs they represent in the case. The answer to this kind of constantly-repeated conflict is to simply prohibit all overtly religious displays on PUBLIC properties, such as the 10 Commandments, statues of Satan, enormous crosses and the like and leave it to PRIVATE persons and PRIVATE organizations to erect whatever graven images they wish to on PRIVATE property.

    Updating this controversy–a Hindu group has announced intentions to erect its monument on the Oklahoma capital grounds. Expect the line to get longer.

  13. The pentacle inverted or not is not a symbol of Satanism. Its like the yen yang, light and dark sides of the elements and all things. Satanist have adopted the inverted pentacle with an addition ring around it with some Hebrew letters around it. Personally i don’t really care if they make this or not, but at least have the right symbols on it.

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