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ROME (RNS) The most high-profile figure sacked on Wednesday was Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who was Pope Benedict XVI's secretary of state and the face of administrative woes of Benedict's papacy.


  1. Pope Francis could do even better and put a cap on sainthood altogether. Proclaiming saints is a leftover of deep mythology, times when religion was too steeped in magic and the awful presumption that we can know more than is possible to know. Using so-called “proven” miracle claims as the basis for declaring that particular particular people have moved to “heaven,” mostly popes, other clergy, and religious, wherever or whatever heaven is, is such a contradiction of what we can ever know that it is downright foolish to spend the time, the presumed “spiritual” energy, much less the money on such things. We should all fall in line with Francis’ urging us to consider those who are in need, the poor in any way, and attend to their needs in ways that are appropriate to following Jesus. Let God and heaven take care of themselves.

  2. I never understood the need to create brand new saints, like as if Catholics didn’t have enough dead people they venerate.

    The process is disingenuous at best, and an outright fabrication at worst though. To attribute a “miracle” to someone who has already died, just because the person who claimed the miracle said it was because of them without proof…..oh, yeah I forgot, proof is not held in high regard with believers.

    I would not disagree with gilhcan’s assessment, but would also offer, religion is still today “a leftover of deep mythology” and is currently “steeped in magic and the awful presumption that we can know more than is possible to know”.