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The Vatican comes under blistering criticism from a U.N. committee. The Justice Department will make it harder for federal agents to single out Muslims. A new study shows Denmark is the happiest nation.


  1. You should always show the list of countries with the highest suicide rate beside the list of the happiest countries.

    There is a positive correlation. On average the happiest countries have a relatively high suicide rate compared to those who are somewhat happy.

    Of course the most unhappy have a high suicide rate.

  2. I heard a comedian several years ago do a bit about starting a new religion. He said he wanted to start another religion he was going to call Frisbeetarianism, with a doctrine that teaches when you die, your soul gets stuck on the roof.

    Religion is poison!

  3. It would be good if RNS provided the option for those who comment to “edit” their comments after they have been submitted and viewed in the regular list. Besides corrections deemed wise after comments are sent by a composer, they sometimes appear to take on a life of their own and come out with differences than what were originally typed.