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(RNS) Most Americans don't see spiritual forces affecting the sports scores but many will do a little dance, say a little prayer anyway. Especially football fans.


  1. Those who believe that God plays a roll in the outcome of a sports event must necessarily believe that he rewards one team. That means that he punishes the other. Why would God punish a team?

  2. To say that God doesn’t care who wins a football game is to deny that God loves and cares about every part of our life. To me, the key point is that “winning” and “losing” mean something very different to Him than to us. As CS Lewis said, “we learn things through pain that we could learn in no other way.”

    • Do you think God cares that people chose to blantly abuse/destroy their bodies in a violent sport? Do you think He cares about the millions who contribute to this abuse by actively watching and passively participating?

      What’s the difference between this and other forms of abuse that are considered “bad” or “illegal”?

    • Stephen Pickering

      To conceive of a god who would teach people lessons through the “pain” of losing a game makes a mockery of the real pain people suffer every day – starvation, rape, war, etc. But come to think of it, to conceive of a god who would use starvation, rape, war, or other horrible pain to teach someone a lesson makes a mockery of my (admittedly average) intelligence.

  3. If these believers are so convinced that God answers their prayers, how morally bankrupt must they be to waste their prayers on issues of so little consequence as a game, when so many horrible things occur in the world that they could prevent through intercession with God.

    Religion poisons everything!

  4. Stories like this only convince me more that Atheism is the only honest way to deal with claims that God exists.
    Honestly! The preening selfishness of religion and solipsism at its core is disgusting.

  5. hah what people need to realize is that each sports city/team has a god. People’s teams lose when they pray to the wrong god or bench the wrong fantasy football player.