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  1. Since Atheists almost never go to jail and are almost never arrested I expect this book to sell about 8 copies.

    The number of Atheists in jail is .05% of the entire imprisoned population.

    Christians go to jail because they believe in two incredibly immoral concepts:
    Atonement and forgiveness are theirs for the asking.
    It is a disgrace that such bronze-age immorality continues at all.

    • Pretty sure the overabundance of prisoners in US prisons is due to more complex reasons than just two simple religious concepts.

      • Religion is a huge contributor to bad behavior.

        80% of Criminality is associated with some measure of mental illnesses All of which is mistreated by ancient notions found in religion.

        Heavenly Forgiveness and Atonement are delusions. Believing your evil deed will be forgiven later, is a psychological ‘get out of jail’ card and it leads to crime.

        Though Psychosis is absolutely NOT limited to religious people, religious delusional thinking contributes to these psychoses in innumerable ways which the non-religious are rarely exposed to.

        “At the end of Mass, Jesus is going to turn into a cracker just for you,”
        is no way to raise a healthy mind.

    • You have absolutely no idea how many atheists there are in prison. :) You just made that up. However, inasmuch as professed atheism (as opposed to practical atheism) is generally correlated with educational attainment, I would assume that people who have a well thought out disbelief in God (or, for that matter, people who think a great deal about anything at all) are probably under-represented in the prison population.

      You have, however, done an outstanding job of recognizing why “non-faith based” rehabilitation programs have so little chance of success. When you have committed some horrific crime, and everybody hates you, and you hate yourself, atonement and forgiveness are pretty much the only ways you’re going to get out of the pit you’ve put yourself in. Somebody coming along and say”hey– you and your life don’t suck all that much. Just shape up, get over it and move on with your life like [college educated person with good job and no criminal record) me!”

      • Last sentence got cut off:

        Somebody coming along and saying “hey–you and your life don’t suck all that much. Just shape up, get over it and move on with your life like [college educated person with good job and no criminal record] me!” is just not going to get very far.

        • CATHOLIC,

          You said, “You have absolutely no idea how many atheists are in prison.”

          Not true. The research has been conclusive. .05% of the prison population is Atheist.
          99.05% are Christian or Muslim.

          Google it yourself for the links to Pew Research.

        • CATHOLIC,

          You said, “…saying “hey–you and your life don’t suck all that much. Just shape up, get over it and move on..”

          Is that what you think? The single most effective way to improve the economy of any country is to emancipate the women. Every country which has done this has become healthier, more peaceful and wealthier.

          Religion kills emancipation of women. Religion LEADS to poverty. And Religion embraces poverty.

          So you, Catholic, are part of the problem I’m railing against.

      • CATHOLIC,

        Unfortunately, you religious people haven’t given much thought to why religion contributes to crime. Not a day goes by without the dangers you promote.

        Religion WORKS AGAINST:
        All Science, Reason, free inquiry, evolution, women’s rights, gay rights, Church State separation, establishment clause of the US Constitution, Socratic method, contraception and sexual health, mental health, intellectual freedom, International Peace, Middle East diplomacy

        Religion PROMOTES:
        Poverty, Bigotry, Misogyny, Surrender to Eschatological Armageddon, Gullibility, Theocracies, Ignorance of Scientific and Medical methods, Intellectual repression, superstition, Faith Healers and other Con men, Surrender to unaccountable authority, pseudo-science, para-psychology, sexual repression, genital mutilation, Israeli settlements, Islamic hegemony, honor killings, faith-based suicide bombings, holy war, holy terror, etc…

        And Religion sanctifies EVIL behavior by FORGIVING it unconditionally.

        If religion was useful to ancient barbarians that might be a reason we call them ancient barbarians!

  2. Atheist Max

    i’m a Christian who is not anti-science, anti-reason, anti-evolution, anti-women’s or gay rights. I affirm the separation of church and state, the Socratic method, contraception and freedom of choice for women, effective mental (and medical) health for all people without applying any stigma, intellectual freedom, international peace (war as absolute last resort, as I am as pro-life as I am pro-choice), and believe the peace in the Middle East is essential to our national security.

    So, who are you talking about?


      It appears you have claimed the right to decide for yourself what is good and true despite the Christian doctrine which says such things are a matter of scripture. Good for you.

      You cherry pick the Bible for those verses which you agree with: Perhaps on matter of empathy and compassion, caring for the sick, etc? …Even Atheists like me do that, too.
      Good for you.

      But if you raise children as Christians they may pick other verses for themselves. You have given the Bible your general ‘blessing’…So even though you may not agree with verses about repressing women, slavery or homosexuality, your children may find themselves comfortably on that side of God’s doctrine just as easily as you have found yourself opposed.

      You don’t agree with anti-evolution movement but your dollars sent to your church do support that movement. Tennessee and Texas are outlawing science education as I write this bringing us into the dark ages.

      You agree with separation of church and state, but does your Pastor, does his parish? The Evangelical Lobby alone sent $100 million dollars to Israel last year to support the seizure of Palestinian land because of the eschatological belief that Israel must build its second temple in order to enable the Messiah’s return. $100 MILLION to buy the return of Jesus! It is Nonsense – yet almost every Christian is unwittingly contributing to this lobby through their church.

      You do not believe in Hell, you can’t. If you did you would not cherry pick the Bible – but you know belief in Hell causes psychosis in some children and damages others beyond repair, stunting their questioning ability and critical thinking skills for the rest of their lives.

      You do not agree with these things, and you know they are damaging – and yet you support it. Why?

      Love needs no Gods. Compassion and morality do not originate from these doctrines. I hope you think about this.

    • Mark Edwards,

      You have decided, quite RIGHTLY, that you are better than your Bible. You are no slave of that book. You have edited the ‘word of God’ to fit your life – you cut out the claims about women, homosexuals, slaves, torture and the sour preachments of Jesus which are dubious and cold.

      The Bible is not ‘an authority’ over you.
      Ask yourself. What do you need it for?