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Is Disney's "Frozen" more Christian than C.S. Lewis? A shift in tone and focus for today's March for Life -- if the marchers are up for it. They're certainly bundled up. Circumcision coverage may be trimmed, and Pope Francis is going to Korea.

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David Gibson

David Gibson

David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS and an award-winning religion journalist, author and filmmaker. He has written several books on Catholic topics. His latest book is on biblical artifacts: "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery," which was also the basis of a popular CNN series.


  1. Thank you, David – my daily RNS email is often one of the highlights of my day (yes, I lead a sad life…). But when I checked out the piece on “Frozen,” I saw a recent post on that same site about a recent Downton Abbey episode in which something awful happens [spoiler alert] – the gist of the post is that rape is God’s will in that it brings “us” closer to God (the author is male). Maybe it’s too easy a target, and my sense was a comment on that website would simply mark me as a troll; but it’s such a heinous sentiment that I had to comment about it somewhere.

  2. David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Article author

    Well, thanks for reading, and at least you can be sad tgether with a few thousand other fans of the Roundup!

    And thanks for the note and the reference to the Downton post — I hadn’t seen that. I guess I can only say, whoa. It’s worth pushing back against, methinks.

  3. Medicaid claims for circumcision are false claims against the government. Non-therapeutic circumcision is medically unnecessary, elective, cosmetic surgery on healthy boys, usually performed for cultural, personal or religious reasons. The fundamental principle of Medicaid law is that Medicaid only covers necessary medical treatments after the diagnosis of a current medical condition. Physicians and hospitals face severe penalties for charging Medicaid for circumcisions. Medicaid officials and the Federal and State Governments are also required to end coverage. It is unlawful to circumcise and to allow the circumcision of healthy boys at the expense of the government and taxpayers.

  4. I wonder if the March for life people will pick up on the gentler tone of Pope Francis. I’m a little tired of being called a baby killer even though I oppose abortion but at the same time support the current legislation.

    • Many Atheists such as myself object to abortion.
      It is wrongly assumed by Christians that Atheists do not care about this.

      But the current legislation respects the women’s right to her own body. This must take priority over the rest of the debate regardless of how much anxiety it causes the rest of us.

      Laws which which attempt to roll back women’s rights are a threat to all of us.

  5. There IS NO new research that justifies forcible genital cutting of children, which is obvious if you read the WSJ article and look at the links provided in the comments section.

    Circumcision alters sex dramatically. The only person with the ethical standing to authorize amputation of healthy normal body parts is the patient himself. Informed adults can decide for themselves about genital reduction surgery.

  6. David, as a father of a 9-year-old girl myself, I know perfectly well why you’ve seen it twice. The mystery is how I’ve gotten away with seeing it only once.

    And while I prefer Dante to Milton, I liked the analysis.

  7. David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Article author

    Peter, mine is 8, so I’m less capable of resisting her.

    I did some poking around for a blog post never written on the differences between Dante and Milton (you’re obviously a closet papist…) and it’s rather interesting. Short answer: Catholic Hell is cold, Protestant Hell is hot. So is Elsa Catholic? Let’s not go there…

    Charles: Amen. I think that’s an important story re this year’s March for Life.

  8. While I wish R’Buchdahl and Central Synagogue the best, both the Roundup and the WSJ omit critical context. Under Jewish law (halacha), you are a Jew if your mother is a Jew or if you convert to Judaism. The Reform movement, of which both CS and the Central Conference of American Rabbis are a part — again, omitted by the article — does not view halacha as binding and has allowed since the 1980s for people to define being Jewish through patrilineal descent. It’s a personal question, but the articles about R’Buchdahl tend to avoid or be unclear on the question of whether she converted. That’s where the questions on her teenage Israel trip were coming from. What much of the American Jewish community now is asking is if you can have a rabbi who is not halachically Jewish. (Of course, there already are plenty of non-Orthodox rabbis whose conversions would not be recognized by Orthodox authorities, making them too, in their eyes, not halachically Jewish).

    ..And it’s always nice to see the people who think they know better than the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  9. I see nothing in the Bible which would agree with the euphemism “Sanctity of Life”.

    I would appreciate some discussion on where this myth comes from.
    There is no indication that I can find in the Bible that would demonstrate God cares for the ‘Sanctity’ of any life except as it relates to servility.

  10. The “new research” on the “utility” of circumcision found that when neonatal circumcision went down, later circumcision (1-5 years) went up. Well, whoop de doo! Of course it did, because there were more intact boys available to circumcise, regardless of whether more had something the matter with them – or if there was anything the matter with ANY of them. The story shows that the boys were mainly brought in for circumcising because the parents really, really wanted it done.

    It also repeats various common fallacies, such as later circumcision being more complicated or risky. On the contrary, when a child is bigger, this microsurgery is safer. But none of this has anything to do with religion. Medicaid has never funded ritual circumcision (the only kind that has any standing in Judaism), and St Paul says (Gal 5:2) “… if you become circumcised, Christ is of no value to you.”