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(RNS) Billed as a landmark Jewish-Muslim-Christian prayer space, the building will combine a church, a synagogue and a mosque under one roof, next to one of Berlin's busiest streets.


  1. What better way to show the redemptive power of love and faith over the hatred and fear of Nazism and “German Christianity” than to build a structure of hope and reconciliation on this site. It’s really the triumph of God over the hearts of men.

    • Thorwald Johansen

      If it sounds ‘too good to be true’, then it probably is. How is this ‘church’ going to deal with the various ‘denominations’ found within the various churches? In Islam, you find two major splits, plus extremism; in Christianity, you have to deal with the differences between Roman Catholicism/Protestantism/Orthodox; and so on. Then you have differences within these major beliefs. Everyone believes they personally have the ‘correct’ beliefs/bible. GOOD LUCK!

  2. I am not religious, I am so not religious that I can’t even remember ever being religious. Giving money for building a church has never entered my mind before. There are orphans, old people, stray dogs, and species under extinction… (and so many more, but one person can only do so much). And still, right now I am browsing the Internet searching how to contribute to building this one church. (the news I read said only that they needed the money)

    If there is something I can have faith in, is that people can believe, and pray together to a higher power, without killing each other for all the religious nonsense. I see it as a beginning, and I would be honored to be an infinitesimal part of it.