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(RNS) "We march because 56 million Americans never had a chance to experience snow," the March for Life's Twitter account posted Tuesday, referring to the estimated number of abortions since the 1973 Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal nationwide.


  1. “We want to encourage women facing the option of abortion to choose adoption…” said Jeanne Monahan, president of the March for Life Education & Defense Fund.

    …Because we make a ton of money off of private adoptions that way!

    Notice how such groups make a big deal of building up their inventory for adoption businesses but do little about making such things affordable (avg costs between 20-30K, cash).

    Pro-life is all about not thinking one’s rhetoric through to logical conclusions.

    • Pro-abortion is all about giving no consideration to the importance of what one does; it is founded on the principle of “I am not responsible for anything I do, nor for its consequences.” That’s the ultimate goal of Statism.

      • You have stepped up your rhetoric to Orwell level mendacity!

        The person who wants the State to prevent women from carrying out personal decisions concerning the fetus inside their body is somehow not “Statist”?

        Again, you are not thinking out your rhetoric to its logical conclusion

        It is never your decision what a woman does with a fetus, nor the role of the state to enforce your notion of “responsibility” according to your views. You want the State to prevent people from making decisions. Very “Statist” indeed.

    • My wife and I adopted 3 children and it cost us $0.00.

      As for your comment…”Because we make a ton of money off of private adoptions that way!” The March For Life Education and Defense Fund has absolutely no such monetary relationship with any other organization, let alone some private adoption service.

      Maybe limit your comments to things you know about.

      • Which puts you in the severe minority when it comes to adoption. Average costs are still average costs whether you paid them or not.

        “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” exist solely to push anti-choice agendas and build up inventory of adoptable children. Again, you don’t hear of such groups using their resources towards making adoption more affordable or accessible to the general publix. A great deal of effort is simply on pressuring pregnant women to give children up for adoption with little concern thereafter.