Welcome to the Justin Bieber-free version of the Roundup. Perhaps the less we mention him the quicker he’ll go away. Unless you want to read Cathy Lynn Grossman’s take on L’Affaire d’Bieb.

They always talk about how you’ll be pushing up daisies when the time comes; now you can do that, quite literally, with a green burial. Lauren Markoe explores the spiritual side of green burials, and it’s actually a fascinating read.

Kosher food is apparently all the rage in Florida prisons, but Muslims say that means that Muslim inmates should also have access to halal meals. And the Mormon hierarchy says it won’t support any liberalization of Utah liquor laws, including taking down the famous “Zion Curtain,” a large partition in bars that is meant to keep patrons (and kids) from seeing drinks prepared.

courtesy Comedy Central

courtesy Comedy Central

America magazine says the Catholic Church could learn a thing or two from Stephen Colbert (and not just because America’s Jim Martin is chaplain to Colbert Nation): Colbert shows how to reach an audience: “delight, instruct and persuade.”

Remember Adam Shaw, who lost his job reviewing movies for Catholic News Service after he ripped Pope Francis a new one over his economic worldview? Well, he’s not letting up, now saying that the pope with a “peculiar dislike for prosperity” needs to “bring himself back into conformity with Catholic social teaching and reality.” Alrighty then.

Not a fan of Obamacare? Maybe you should check out these “health-sharing” plans in which members pitch in to pay each other’s medical bills. But no smoking, extramarital sex or excessive drinking. From Bob Smietana’s report:

The last few years have been good for health-sharing ministries. Medi-Share, for example, had 35,000 members in 2009. Today that number has doubled. Samaritan Ministries International, based in Peoria, Ill., went from 13,470 households in January 2009 to 30,068 households, or about 100,000 individuals, in January 2014.

About one in 10 new Catholic priests had to put off seminary for an average of two years to pay off college loans, according to a new profile by the Catholic bishops and the good folks at CARA.

Something just tells me this isn’t going to end well: Las Vegas officials are making a HUGE push to lure the 2016 GOP convention to Sin City, with Mayor Carolyn Goodman being very matter-of-fact about the city’s reputation: “There’s sin everywhere — we all know that.”

Things aren’t lookin’ so good for Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative activist and filmmaker who already lost his job as president of Kings College for checking into a hotel with a woman who wasn’t his wife. He’s now been indicted for election fraud. And Tobin Grant listens to all the crazy from the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer so you don’t have to.

From the Twittersphere:

Renee Gadoua tracks the latest news in the Methodist gay marriage wars, with no sign that things will be settling down anytime soon.

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan is siding with the protestors in Ukraine, saying: “We Catholics in the United States cannot let these brave Ukrainians, whose allegiance to their religious convictions has survived “dungeon, fire, and sword,” languish.  They deserve our voices and our prayers.”

Omar Sacirbey is back with another edition of Moozweek, with this little gem about a Muslim convert who was convicted of murdering his wife. He sent out text messages on her cell phone to all her contacts: ““I’m sorry everyone but I pretend like I’m a Muslim woman when in all reality I’m a (prostitute) and I represent Satan.”

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  1. Atheists love Colbert.

    His liberal Christianity is exactly what most Atheists believed in before they finally realized that God is neither likely to exist, nor necessary, nor very helpful, for anything humanistic or positive.

    • Cynthia Cravens

      Yes, of course, Atheism is the apotheosis of human civilization…except that, as you Atheists are so adverse to joining groups, submitting to authority, coming together in self-sacrifice to accomplish goals, how the heck are you going to be able to create the institutions that make all the glorious art, music, and architecture that Stephan Colbert’s Catholic Church is so rightly famous for?

      Is a society full of atheists (outside the ethnically-culturally pure homogenous societies of Japan and the Nordic nations) capable of creating civilization, full of glorious art, music, and architecture?

      Or, is a society full of atheists destined to manifest the art, architecture, and music, of say, North Korea?

      • Why must you lie about Atheists so baldly?

        Atheists do organize, get involved with charities and have glorious art, music and architecture. But its not like you are going to make any efforts to find this out. You just want to make silly assumptions and smugly superior to people whose beliefs you do not share.

        I guess to you, art and culture peaked around the 17th Century. Before all of those nasty Enlightenment ideals came along.

  2. “Las Vegas officials are making a HUGE push to lure the 2016 GOP convention to Sin City”

    So this time the delegates won’t have to worry about getting arrested for gambling and hookers.

  3. Perhhaps someday Adam Shaw will realize that it isn’t the Pope he needs to be mad at, No Shaw you need to be mad at Jesus! He’s the one who said all those ‘liberal things like making sure the poor were fed

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