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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) With little more than two months to go before Britain’s first same-sex marriage, the College of Bishops issued a statement saying that "no change" to the Church of England’s teaching on marriage is proposed or envisioned.


  1. They announced they are agreed it is a matter to talk about and they agreed to meet in 4 mths time to decide how to talk about it. Decisive, what?

  2. Pavel Kwiekowski

    This will no doubt precipitate another wave of Anglican clergy and laity swimmiing either the Tiber or the Dardenelles. The Anglican Church seems hell bent (no pun intended) on racing to extinction in the UK. In the USA two Episcopalian (Anglican) congregations in northern Virginia, which trace their founding back to colonial times, aligned themselves under the spiritual jurisdiction of an Anglican archbishop in Africa. Interesting since early colonial/post-colonial vestrymen of these parishes, including George Washington, were slave holders. How the world turns.

    • Mr Kwiekowski, you’ve got it right, and you’ve got recent history proving your point. The problem: these clueless congregants led by even more clueless clergy do not think that there are any demands on life in order to protect persons in particular and society in general. Success or doing right and good is equated by these people with “feeling good.” They emote first–and never get to the serious thinking stage.

  3. Pavel & Duane: No, you’ve got it 100% WRONG.

    The Episcopal Church has discerned (via Scripture, Tradition and Reason) the Godliness of same-sex marriage, and has NOT faced any mass “waves” of defections across the Tiber, “Dardenelles” (clever) or the Southern Baptist gather-by-the-river. Rather, it is we in TEC ourselves who, having “come over Jordan” (via our own often painful years of discernment) have discovered “milk and honey on the other side”. Come on, Mother Church (CofE), join us! Maranatha!