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ROME (RNS) The Italian National Animal Protection Agency said that because the doves are bred in captivity and lack strong survival instincts, releasing them into the wild as is often done at the Vatican "is like condemning them to certain death."


    • Well, doves are symbol, and I suggest a more meaningful one than the jack-o-lantern we see from Labor Day until Thanksgiving. Maybe you have more than a mere one-liner to add, GW? Maybe you’ve exhausted all your mental energies at this point? Don’t know, but you can clue us in.

      Perhaps the pope himself is unaware of the possible fate of these doves when they are released. My guess is that he’ll discontinue the practice if the message gets through to him.

    • GW, perhaps the pope will discontinue the practice if he learns what happens to the doves. It could be that he’s unaware of what can (and does?) happen.

      I wonder what you’d have to say about the jack-o-lanterns found everywhere between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

      In any even, I hope your one-liner isn’t representative of a paucity of thought. One-liners often are, dropped by someone who is unable to defend his/her judgment. Clue us in, GW.