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(RNS) The congresswoman who's already being compared to Sarah Palin hinted at a term that has faded from Republican rhetoric in recent years: compassionate conservatism.


  1. McMorris Rodgers response was shallow, non-subtantive, rambling, and worthless — another apologetic Boehner-lacky trying to be “liked” instead of boldly stating the Truth.

    • McMorris Rodgers response was shallow, non-substantive, rambling, and worthless — another apologetic Boehner-lacky trying to be “liked” instead of boldly stating the Truth.

    • Suzie Homemaker did a nice job, if it were a PTA contest. Otherwise, her sunshine smiled commentary was vapid and, frankly, a bit insulting, given the circumstance of responding to a State of the Union address.

  2. The problem with McMorris Roger’s response–and with “compassionate conservatism” (and “moderate” politics, too)–is that too few are buying any of them. Politics has moved toward the extremes, leaving too small a constituency for compassion or compromise. The tea party will never accept the idea that the government should have any significant role in the lives of American citizens, and folks on the left, who believe in government as a tool for good, see “compassionate conservatism” as going only halfway in a climate where the left will always offer a much larger piece of bread, if not the whole loaf.

    While I myself are closer to the edge than the middle on many issues–and on the Left side of the line, besides–I hope the era of compassion and cooperation does come back one day…but I don’t foresee it happening anytime soon…

  3. As a life-long Republican, though of the more moderate persuasion, I am getting a bit peeved over the persistent assumption that Republicans/conservatives need to somehow find their hearts of compassion once again. You know, become more like the Democrats who have truly arrived with respect to this virtue. C’mon! Really?

    Just because someone is wary of a government that gets too big and spends too much does not make that person a heartless ogre. These are issues that all of us, whatever our political persuasion, should be very concerned about, if indeed we value our freedom.

    There are many in both the conservative and liberal camps who are people of genuine compassion. Thank God for them! And there are too many in both camps who are frauds who will say, do, or be whatever the political winds dictate for their own personal and political goals. What else is new in the world of politics.

    • Its tough to shake the image of a “granny-starver” when there are people lobbying to literally take food off the table for people.

      Just sayin’

  4. Compassionate conservatism? In the political scene today this is an oxymoron. The republican party has a tea stain on it, and until that stain is cleaned off either through complete removal, or absolute separation, they have no chance at the top . They will be relegated to the same obstructionism seen today because of the tea stain they have from the gerrymandered district politicians.