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DUBLIN (RNS) The Catholic Church runs 90 percent of primary schools in Ireland. The arrangement is unsettling to some parents who have little choice in where to send their children.


  1. If a child isn’t taught religion, isn’t exposed to it, and doesn’t see adults practice is, but acts in manner throughout their life that is no less moral than that of the most pious man in the world, would your god condemn him to eternal damnation? If so, how moral is your god? If so, do you base your morality on it?

    This “education” system is nothing more than one designed to indoctrinate children into religion as soon as possible. This, along with the social pressure of conforming to others in society insures that when they are adults they will be not only committed to the religion, but equally committed to allow their children to be indoctrinated as well. This is the sad circle of religious ignorance at its worst.

    Scientist, writer and “Philosopher Dan Dennett calls for religion — all religion — to be taught in schools, so we can understand its nature as a natural phenomenon.” – (

    Religion is poison!!

    • Not all religions believe that God will condemn those who have never known any better. I believe that after this life, those who were not able to learn of the truth will be given that opportunity and if they accept it, most definitely will not be damned.

  2. I wonder if one might have the right to sue one’s parents or school board for the mental distress brought about by indoctrination? Arguably indoctrination is a form of mental abuse by the irrational upon the rational.

  3. We criticize Pakistan for having state-run, taxpayer funded, religiously indoctrinating schools, and turn a blind eye to the same thing in ireland? Hypocrites, we are.

    • Nah, they are both getting hammered for it these days.

      The major difference being that its safer to criticize the religious entanglement with government in Ireland. Pakistan is a dictatorship.

  4. Surely Cardinal Brady (a mastermind at getting abused children to remain silent) will be able to provide advice on what to do so the Catholic Church can retain control of the minds of Irish people, especially school-age children.
    If the Government has any issues they can ask the Vatican through the very supportive Ambassadors and Nuncios who only have the interests of children at heart.
    Their past actions are testament to this.
    Let’s hear from the good Cardinal.

  5. Patrick O'Driscoll

    One would probably fail , if one sought to sue for mental distress , as the legal profession in Ireland is a bastion of the Catholic Church .. one cannot become a judge without uttering an oath which involves an acknowlegment of “The Blessed/Holy Trinity “( or so I’m led to believe ). Many judges and barristers are also reported to be members of “The Knights ” , or “Opus Dei ” ……..