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WASHINGTON (RNS) Pentagon officials told members of Congress at a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday that they are unaware of any pattern of religious discrimination in the chaplain corps.


  1. “Members of the panel questioned whether military commanders are allowed to proselytize. Brig. Gen. Charles R. Bailey, the Army’s deputy chief of chaplains, said it would be “wrong” for commanders to say that their faith is superior to any other, but other kinds of private conversations about faith are permitted.

    “’They’re never told they cannot share their own personal faith of any sort,’ he said.”

    If you’ll believe THAT – I’ve got a bridge you’ve probably heard about on the news,recently, that you might be interested in buying CHEAP! Peace.

  2. Perhaps the reason chaplins (military officers) aren’t complaining is they don’t want to be fired, censured, punished, labeled etc… Maybe they are afraid to speak up because they know what the new expectations are. Think about it. If unemployment is so very high, and the military is already cutting back on people with sequestration, why would anyone in the military make waves and put themselves in risk of loosing employment, health care, and retirement? If Congress really wants to know, they should do a fully anonymous survey of all the force to see what the worker bees actually think.

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