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(RNS) Teenager Prabhdeep Suri has been teased mercilessly since he was in kindergarten for the patka he wore on his head, a symbol of his Sikh faith. Now he and other Sikhs are sending the message that discrimination against Sikhs in the U.S. has got to stop.


  1. It is important to talk about the Sikhs and their culture. Thanks for posting this story. The more we understand how many religions there are in the world the more likely it is that people will begin to realize that none of them are probably true.

    The people least likely to advocate sacrilege or violence toward religious people are the non-religious. Because we understand that all religious people are victims of indoctrination.

    • Your statement is not only untrue but also exceptionally persumptous. “Militant” atheists constantly attack religion and have no problem with being rude, disrespectful and intolerant of others beliefs. Just because religions hold different tenets it doesn’t mean they’re automatically untrue. There are elements of truth in a religions. Only an intellectual coward would just scrap it all wholesale and say none of them are true.

      • Lalala,

        There is no polite way to tell people they are wrong and that their parents taught them something untrue.

      • The problem with religion isn’t that there aren’t some truths in the philosophies. It is that all the philosophies are wrongly connected to a ‘god’ for which there is no evidence.

        Even though I might agree that having compassion for someone may be a ‘transformative’ and numinous experience for some people – that does not validate the part which says only such morality is motivated by a God.

        There is no evidence for any gods.

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