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SPOKANE, Wash. (RNS) While those of us in Spokane are already familiar with our congresswoman, little is known about her alma mater, Pensacola Christian College. A brief introduction to PCC might help illuminate some of the formative ideas that have shaped the faith and religious views of this rising star within the GOP.


  1. While as a conservative Presbyterian pastor I do not agree with all of the theology taught at PCC, I take issue with your implied position that one has to have advanced degrees from accredited schools in order to be able to be erudite in teaching scripture. If my memory of my New American Standard Bible and my two degrees from Westminister Theological Seminary in CA is correct, Jesus was not trained in any theological school and neither were His disciples. Yet, they taught biblical lessons that have lasted for more than 2000 years and still confound the wisdom of men today. I personally applaud the stance of Ms. McMorris Rodgers and pray God will put many more like her in positions of authority.

    • What the hell is a “conservative Presbyterian pastor?” I don’t seem to remember Jesus ever declaring his “CONservative” bona fides at any point in the New Testament. As a matter of fact, the unbiased reading of anyone’s version of the New Testament, would view Jesus as a revolutionary Liberal Rabbi.

      The point that Mr. Rindge was making is that the PCC, that Rodgers attended, was a very insular and non-accredited institution that was lacking in any intellectual vigor out side of their “belief” that “The Bible is the only infallible, authoritative Word of God and is free from error of any sort, in all matters with which it deals, scientific, historical, moral, and theological.”

      The incestuous nature of this institution coupled with their narrow and biased interpretation of the Bible, written and modified thousands of times by the hand of man, does not prepare anyone to deal with a society with hundreds of different religious institutions and over 200 denominations of Christianity. I guess that we can be thankful that the PCC doesn’t participate in the “tongues movement” but the fact that they don’t instill any “doubts and questions” about their teachings is the epitome of hubris.

      Finally, for someone that is as educated as yourself, it would seem that you would understand that Jesus and his associates never taught “biblical” lessons. The Bible itself didn’t exist until all of them were either dead or “raised,” with both the institution of Christianity and the Bible being flawed creations of man.

      • Thank you for the reality check. The embarrassing state of the Union response, with the Bette from WA story that fell apart, brought McMorris Rodgers into the limelight. The woman that the Republicans use as their “woman” beard is nothing more than a trained zombie.

        • Though I love the “trained zombie” description of Rodgers, I personally prefer defining her by a single word from the Urban Dictionary and that word is “VagHag.” I am of course referencing the number one definition listed and not the more disgusting and misogynist ones that follow.

      • Hmmm…I thought Rindge’s point was to tell us something about Rep. McMorris Rodgers’ faith (see the headline), but I didn’t learn a thing about it here. I learned a lot about the school she attended over 24 years ago though.

        I think a better written article would be to interview the Congresswoman about her faith, or, lacking an interview, look at statements she’s made about her faith, or interview people who know her well or, at the very least, write a blog post about the church she currently attends. Any of these options would give me a better idea about her faith than what was written here.

        The title of this blog post should have been “Understanding PPC.”

    • “Yet, they taught biblical lessons that have lasted for more than 2000 years and still confound the wisdom of men today.”

      They certainly appear to have confounded you.

      “I personally applaud the stance of Ms. McMorris Rodgers and pray God will put many more like her in positions of authority.”

      Yes, I’m sure you do.

  2. Headline: Professor from Mediocre College Attacks Congresswoman’s Mediocre Education

    Professor Rindge, from a university that as recently as 2011 earned 290th place nationwide for average ACT/SAT of entering freshmen, and whose college luminary is Bing Crosby, nevertheless imagines it important for all of us to know that Congresswoman McMorris’ alma mater, Pensacola Christian College, was even worse. Nice to know Professor Rindge. In the course of doing so Rindge provides us with a textbook example of a man fighting his own straw man. At no point in time does he cite anything McMorris Rodgers ever said about her faith with regard to legislation he apparently finds lacking nor does he tie any particular legislation to anything she’s said about her faith or the legislation nor does he discuss her CURRENT church and its positions, nor does he even articulate whether his own church has positions (or not) on the legislation he highlights in his vast exercise in wild speculation. He also, conveniently fails to note anywhere in this hit piece what McMorris Rodgers has noted publically in the past; that her family had no money and this college offered her free tuition.

    Professor, you get an A for polemics and a D for reasoning. Let’s hope your students can survive you.