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ROME (RNS) Bogus papal statements date back to the earliest days of the church. But with the explosion of social media and self-published blogs, they have become far more frequent in recent years -- and especially in recent months.


  1. It really doesn’t matter much what this Pope says or doesn’t say, just as it never really mattered what previous Pontiffs said. People will continue to pick and choose, casting aside what they don’t like and trying to force their chosen tenets down the throats of everybody else. Hey! That’s “religion” in the modern world.

  2. Also not attributable to pope francis is a recent statement about the release of all documentation concerning priests who sexually abused children and adults.

    Religion is poison!!

  3. Kenneth J. Wolfe

    At the same time, when the Holy Father talks off-the-cuff every day of the week, surrounded by reporters, with a viewpoint much different than previous popes, news is inevitability going to be made.

    There is a reason popes, for centuries until now, chose their words very carefully before speaking.