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(RNS) I was going to say no. But I realized if I was ever going to do this, I needed to try. I felt like I might be blocking a blessing God could be offering me if I wasn't open to it. I decided I was willing to start the process.


  1. How wonderful is it to know that there are people in this so called world that still keep their purity and not only that agree to a matching by their parents. I am wishing them and all the other couples the best .

  2. My name is Anne HAIDER but I live in Austria,Europe;I was wondering if we are relatives? Did Glenn´s family come maybe some generations ago from Europe?Would be interesting to know…!

  3. Although I have a fairly dim view of arranged marriages (it is not altogether rare in my wife’s culture).

    If it works for you both, have fun. Whatever floats your boats.

  4. Good job–on the part of both generations–way to go!

    You have stated the proper basis for marriage–remember it and stick right to it!

    This is very nice to hear, the shallow romantic and self-fulfillment oriented view of marriage that has become so prevalent in our society is a wretched disaster. Keep up the good work, and spread the word.

  5. Very inspiring! I am impressed by this young couple’s efforts, their cooperation with their parents, and their taking a step-by-step approach to this process. My prayers are with them and with other young couples taking this step.

  6. What a refreshing article about Marriage. In a time when many are avoiding marriage, Judilee and Glen are boldly going to explore True Love. I wish them both many years of happiness.

  7. I’m glad everything worked out for you but… let’s say you were not “totally cool with that”. As an atheist I don’t know much about this cultish faith but what happens if you do not approve or feel love for the partner your parents “arranged” for you to marry? Since it is your future that is at stake, do YOU have any say in the matter? Any say at all?

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