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Olympic games or "Hunger Games?" The slippery nature of identity in religion, marriage and politics. More in today's roundup.

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Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman specializes in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics. She also writes frequently on biomedical ethics and end-of-life-issues


  1. David Gibson’s article on the funeral of Philip Hoffman is a worth read. I have no problem with any person of any faith saying that they believe homosexuality is a sin. What I do have a problem with is the hate of the person by those that believe it is a sin. Advocating for the death of anyone for being a homosexual is wrong, as is the hate of that person. Jesus himself said that if you hate another it is the same as if you murdered them. 2. Didn’t Jesus pay for all our sins on the cross? 3. Why aren’t these same people who are supporting death and imprisonment for gays screaming just as loud for death and imprisonment for adulter’s? Or for that matter, stoneing of those that wear cotton-polyester blends? Yes, it says that in the Bible too! I’ll stick with my acceptance of gays as wholly equal persons as I. We are all human and sinners, if you believe in such, and I’ll love and tolerate and accept the gay person just as much as another and leave the judgements up to the One who said not to judge another!

    • Anyone who claims to be a Christian and advocates killing homosexuals cannot be a follower of Jesus. Having said that, to equate someone’s belief that homosexuality is a sin with someone who wants to kill homosexuals or hate them is nonsense. I have never met a follower of Jesus who wanted to kill a homosexual so where is this comment coming from? This whole thing os overblown. What ever happened to the free market place of ideas. When we cannot speak what we want about any topic and associate with those who believe the same (except yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, we are heading into a dark place for democracy. Jesus was a friend of sinners AND he told them to go and sin no more.