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(RNS) In recent weeks, a pro-Christian militia known as anti-Balaka (or anti-machete) has killed and mutilated Muslims as they have tried to leave the capital Bangui by the truckload.


  1. The atrocities in the Central African Republic must be stopped. Did Mr. Nzwili also write an article when the Muslims were/are brutally killing Christians in CAR?

    • Gerri Michalska,

      Here’s the problem, “pro-Christian militia.”
      The world has been full of these for centuries.

      “And as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want me to be their king–bring them in and EXECUTE THEM right here in front of me.'”
      – JESUS (Luke 19:27)

      [from the “Parable of the 12 Minas”, perhaps the most dangerous words in the Bible]

      • “First of all, if you notice the disciples were not a military group. They were not equipped to make war or fight. Neither did they carry out this alleged command of Christ, did you ever wondered why? It is because Jesus did not direct them to do so, because he was reciting not his words but the words of a character in his Parable of the Pounds. The disciples knew that Jesus was just telling a story, not giving a command to be followed.”

    • Gerri, If you have followed my coverage here, you find that I have brought out the conflict in CAR as it is, without favoring one side. Remember how Seleka rampage through villages attacking Christians and churches? That is in record through my stories.

  2. This tragedy can only be stopped by people who are willing to abandon the religious commands which accompany their Holy Books:

    “Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme.” (Surah 2:190-)

    Needless ancient nonsense.

  3. Jerri, Just what are you talking about? Islam since its inception has been and will always be the aggressor. They unprovokedly entered Spain to conquer in 711 and were defeated by Charles Martel in Poitiers. You need to read history.

  4. some muslims are rich and do control good resources. so should it be revenge to each other? where world end?

  5. Let’s have some good, thorough coverage on the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East from time immemorial to the present.
    Let’s talk about the mall, Israeli owned, that was stormed in Africa and only those let go who could prove they were Islamic. The rest were cold-bloodedly murdered. Do you remember?

    • Religion = Persecution

      I don’t know how much clearer this can be.
      If people abandoned religion we might get rid of this problem.

      Abandoning religion wouldn’t guarantee a perfect world, but at least we wouldn’t be wiping each other out over various versions of the invisible nothings.

      • You need to study the history of the twentieth century which saw up to 100 million people killed in the name of atheist regimes. The death toll of the Second World War, which was certainly not religiously motivated was around 50 million.

      • Human violence is older than Christ or Muhammad or Abraham. How do you account for killing, and acts of revenge among individuals, families and tribes before the advent of “religion”?
        (I read the Associated Press article about kids fleeing the violence in CAR and was moved by their bravery. Have been following links for news.)

  6. ” An eye for an eye, one day we wake up all blind”. What is this all about killing and shading blood of the innocent. Now, if muslims brother retaliate the world will stand against muslims saying this word ‘Terrorisms’ and this massacre is what, for what reason. The religion wil continue even if day kill all muslims in this world.

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    […] And yet, the US airstrikes against IS in Iraq are a relief. I find myself thinking that it is even a tragedy that they cannot be carried out in Syria, where IS’s damage has been even more devastating and death-dealing, even if it is only a part of a larger theater of chaos. The rest of the world has not discovered the political will or means to come to the defense of persecuted religious minorities, particularly of Christians, and especially in Syria. Syria and Iraq are by no means the only places where Christians and religious minorities are suffering. Muslims are in fact suffering grievously everywhere, particularly in India, in Burma, and even at the hands of Christians in the Central African Republic. […]

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