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(RNS) “Questioning Darwin,” a new, hourlong documentary airing on HBO in February, juxtaposes the story of the 19th-century naturalist with looks into the lives of contemporary American Christians who believe the world was created in six days.


  1. Wonderful commentary, Kimberly.

    Darwin did let the Creationists off the hook too easily. He had good reasons at the time, apparently.

    But we must not be so obliging. However one may wish to appreciate the Creationist convictions or respect the fervent intelligence of the rationalizations behind it, The Creationist version of reality must never be taught in schools.

    Creationism is untrue. It is deceptive. It is an assault on critical thinking and an assault on the scientific method.

  2. It is fine to treat these creationists with respect

    to a point

    but when they insist on entering the political realm and attempt to impose their religious based morality on the rest of us (e.g. Dominionists like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry they are no better than the Taliban and need to be dealt with accordingly

    they are the antithesis of a free mind and they retard human development and its very existence with their End Times theology

    • “And from the other side, I would like to see recognition that these people [creationists] are not idiots.”

      Many of them are intelligent people. But they also willingly make dishonest arguments in support of their faith. Creationism is not about making factual claims and presenting evidence. It is about making excuses for one’s religious faith.

      Frankly there is nothing to respect from such blatant mendacity. Its intellectual and spiritual immaturity. Ultimately Creationism is a lack of understanding about religion or science and a childish desire to mix the two.

    • if we apply your comments fairly, then we must also apply it to the evolutionist. When they insist on entering the political realm and attempt to impose their non religious based immorality on the rest of us, we should also deal w/them accordingly. You make insults when you cannot defend your position. You obviously do not have a “free mind” and YOU are the one who retards human development.

      • No it doesn’t because you have no idea why evolution is accepted.
        Evolution is not believed and does not require one ounce of faith to be accepted. It is a scientific theory accepted on the basis of the evidence presented in support.

        It doesn’t matter whether you associate it with immorality or atheism. You can’t just will away scientific ideas and laws of nature because you find them unpleasant. Reality is reality. It is not subject to your whims and feelings.

        Either evolution is accepted as the prevailing scientific theory for biological research standards or you have to cough up evidence and research to disprove it. It does not go away because you find its implications distressing to your religious belief. It goes away if you can provide evidence and come up with a viable counter theory. Creationism isn’t that. It will never be that.

        Evolution is taught in science classes because it is science. Opposing it is like having trouble with the Law of Gravity or Atomic Theory. As I said, Creationism is the immature mixing of religion and science which displays a deep lack of understanding of both.

        • jimmy the great

          An “ounce of faith” is far too minute when forced to believe in schools, that an inanimate table can on day grow a conscience. To say with full conviction that nothing can produce something. It is still a generous ton of faith to say with conviction that 0 + 0 can equal all existence that we will ever know in our lifetime. On a side note remember all the fraud proven and admitted by those contributing in our text books. Evolutionary journey of a fish to grow legs for example. One of the many frauds later admitted. Athiest faith did no good for science. It cannot contribute to the creation of our technology, morality and more. And if you day religion caused may deaths, I say Athiest beliefs caused more. If you count Stalin’s alone. His death count far ecceeds. It’s all in history if you dare try to find it. Now ask yourself, why would material in school be forced if it were not fact. Is this not a form of mind control? Search and question material in science that is no longer valid. You have to have more faith when you will never see the fruits of evolution in your own lifetime.