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(RNS) "The Lego Movie," well-reviewed and making money by the brickyard, builds its story upon religious and moral themes. They don’t all snap together securely, but that’s in keeping with the rest of the film.


  1. I saw the movie with my kids. Awesome! Speaking as an Episcopal priest, I think someone could create a VBS based on the movie for all the reasons you named and more!

    I think you have a typo about DaVinci. He was 1500, not 500 years after.

    Also, I think “master builder” is a nod to actual people in the Lego universe. They actually employ “master builders” and encourage people to train and apply to become one. They’ve done it for years. And yes, we have a TON of Legos in our house!

    Finally, I would add that Wyldstyle’s real name is “Lucy”, which means light. She is the one who encourages, motivates and enables Emmet’s redemptive quest. If Emmet is a Christ figure (the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life) then Lucy is the symbol for the Holy Spirit.

    Of course this is largely Christian take on the movie. I’m sure, like the Matrix, it could be taken in a Buddhist direction or a secular direction with equal plausibility.

  2. Nathan Henderson

    I’m not sure how someone can watch that movie and come away with a Nicean Christian reading… the portrayal of “Man of Upstairs” as Demiurge and the physical world as his prison in contrast to the enlightenment brought by his rebel Son, is pretty much as overtly Nag Hammadi Gnosticism as you can get.