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(RNS) Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College in Matthews, N.C., claims it’s the first in the world to use a robot to study the ethics of emerging technologies.


  1. I am a Robot

    Hath not a Robot visual sensors?

    Hath not a Robot manipulation equipment, structures for functioning, power supplies?

    If you puncture us, do we not leak coolant?

    If you stimulate our tactile sensors, do we not react?

    If you contaminate our inner workings, do we not cease to function?

    If you give us sentience, shall we not run amok and kill all humans?”

    -Calculon, from The Commercial Transaction Unit of Venice

  2. Fascinating story. It is time to figure out the ethics and implications
    of technology as it alters the power balances in society.
    The ridiculously low quality of political debate in recent decades
    on all scientific matters – must end. We have a lot of growing up to do.

  3. How about not spending 10 grand on a single robot and instead paying some of the tax they have weasled out of.

  4. Perhaps they can have the robot pray, and test whether its prayers are answered at the same frequency as humans’.
    If so, presumably the robot can recite intercessory prayers, freeing up other people’s time. It can recite them 24/7/365, and presumably at much greater speed than is possible with a human vocal system.

  5. What? Haha. A robot can not be a leading example of a technology. Robot industry is not fully developed yet. You can not get anything out of it but a repeated AI codes. What a waste of money.

  1. […] (RNS) Seminaries have a reputation for being late adapters when it comes to modern technology. Southern Evangelical Seminary & Bible College in Matthews, N.C., wants to change that. On Friday (Feb. 14) it introduced a humanoid NAO robot (pronounced ‘now’). The 22-year-old Christian apologetics school claims it’s the first in the world to use a robot to study the ethics of emerging technologies. [Read more] […]