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(RNS) The new wing, now just a wood frame, will include an indoor exercise pool, a hot tub, three fireplaces, a library and an elevator, among other amenities, according to blueprints and permits.


  1. And it is all Tax Free.
    Such is the life of service to the flock.

    No one wants to see a priest go broke.
    No one wants to see a priest get rich.

    But I don’t blame a priest for trying to live at least as well as the poorest banker in his parish. Not bad for a guy who really has no evidence that what he is selling actually exists.

  2. This is the disgusting materialistic behavior that results because the lay people who pay all the bills in the church have nothing to say about any management of their church in their parishes, their dioceses, their national churches, or in the Vatican. Guess why the “sacraments” were invented with such magical power residing only in a magically ordained priesthood? It is obvious from church history and current practice that was all done to give that priesthood power over the foolish people who would accept such mad claims. And these self-indulgent clerics have the gall to preach about Jesus!

  3. I long ago gave up even the stirrings of anger at men such as this. What is left is sadness. Profound sadness that this is what is left of the Church’s witness to the crucified Lord. As the medievals poignantly put it, corruptio optimi pessima — the very best thing, when it becomes corrupted, is the worst thing of all.

    • Thanks for that.
      I’m struck by your interesting comment “corrupt optima pessima.” Never heard that one before. It is so dark and circular!
      I see the sentiment as, ‘When things get so corrupt, annihilation is best.”

      I think it is also true that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” so now the problem is clearer.

      The systemic problem with clergy is there is no evidence that what they are selling actually exists. And the Bible is completely open to interpretation. So the rules can change liberally depending on how one constructs his theology. So constructed, the priest has “God on his side” no matter how he settles the questions.

      Christians claim to be afraid of Satan the ‘shape shifter.’
      But nothing shifts its shape more than religion. Religion justifies all actions and bans all actions. It just depends what city you are living in.

      The real illusion is that there might be a version of this recipe that wouldn’t eventually get corrupted!

  4. Wonder if the good Archbishop was aware of the good brothers at St Anthoy’s in Elizabeth molesting the boys after gym class! in the 70’s……

  5. This is why people are turning away from the catholic church. It is disgraceful that the archbishop will live here. With all the scandal over the years and the shame that is affiliated with catholic church once again the leaders of our diocese choose to shame my church once again. This house should be sold and the money should be spent on true Christian programs. our arch bishop should not live like a 1%er at the expense of donations intended for the poor.