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(RNS) Sephardic organizations estimate that as many as 3.5 million Jews could potentially apply for a Spanish passport. The reaction from the Sephardic community has been huge.


  1. Why would Spain offer citizenship to Sephardic Jews only, and not also to descendants of Muslims who were expelled with those Jews from Spain five centuries ago?

    • One difference is that Muslims, unlike the Jews, were invadors. Another is that there is still a very sizable Muslem representation in the Spanish population.

    • Johan, please allow me to explain Spain would never offer citizenship to Muslims.
      Jews peacefully immigrated into Spain, founded towns and cities, never fought with the Spaniards. The Muslims invaded Spain and through a long war conquered the South of Spain, were there for 700 years turning cathedrals into Mosques, etc., so Spaniards were justified in expelling them.