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(RNS) An 84-year-old nun gets nearly three years in prison for breaking into a federal nuclear facility as the judge explains that no one is above the law.


  1. Bravo for Sister Rice and her two partners in “crime,” brave and loving souls. 

May we see a world where the real murderers, the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, Putins, Clappers, Alexanders, Cheneys, Kissingers and their minions face an international tribunal and get thrown in Guantanamo, and men and women of heart and love are free.

  2. What a country we live in! Politicians send us to unnecessary wars where thousands of our soldiers and even more thousands of innocent civilians are killed or maimed; the greed of Wall Street sends the country into a devastating recession where lives are gutted; severe inequality of income is placing the American dream out of reach for so many Americans: money in politics has all but desecrated what used to be a democracy; and the U.S. Congress is unwilling (and apparently incapable) to address the simple steps necessary to meet the crucial needs of our citizens, and no one pays a price for the debauchery and crimes committed. Yet an anti-war, passionate nun who commits some minor property damage in the interests of peace is sent to prison for three years. Something is wrong with this picture, and something is tragically wrong with this country.

    • Yes.
      The problem with this country is that after 30 years of right wing Christian politics from Reagan to Rand Paul, all the money has been blown on wars, bank bonuses and Tea Party do nothings while millions of regular people are out of work and rich get infinitely richer while the middle class evaporates.

      And everyone is too busy liking things on Facebook to lift a finger to write to a congressman.

  3. This does not make me feel good about the safety of our radioactive fuel supplies. :)

    In all fairness most of the US enriched uranium stock these days go towards nuclear power, not weapons. There has been a 20 year moratorium on expanding the US nuclear weapons arsenal.

  4. Hell is for jurors, like those. They had no excuse for not simply rendering a not guilty verdict, at the end of the trial. The jurors judged the law, which is their primary task – and they should go to Hell, for their verdict.

    • You religious folk paying attention to Mathew here? I know what you’re probably thinking. You don’t agree with him right? You think his views are extreme, and he doesn’t represent real christianity.

      However, what else, besides religious belief, or insanity, would influence Mathews mind to think like this? Religious belief allows these kinds of radical thought because it implants in the mind that humans should be punished for acts that are against their god’s religious teachings.

      Now Mathew here has taken it to unimaginable (to most) extremes. But is it really any less extreme to think that it is moral to think that a human should suffer in unending burning torment for all eternity for being on a jury that found this nun guilty of breaking man made laws, than to think the same thing should happen to a human who has never heard of your god, or a person who has, but does not believe?

      I would suggest that you contemplate if your religious belief goes against what you know, as humans, to be a moral action.

      Religion really does poison the mind!

    • “They had no excuse for not simply rendering a not guilty verdict, at the end of the trial”

      Except for the fact that she committed a felony and admitted to doing so willingly. I doubt there was even much a trial since there were no facts in dispute about the act, and who committed it. Trials are for issues of fact. There was none.

      So does being pious mean you are always above the law? To you I guess the answer is yes. Even the nun would find a not-guilty verdict to be completely out of the question. She knew she was committing a crime, was willing to pay the consequences of the act and did not deny it in the least.

      • Larry, I would agree, and further, I think she actually wanted to be caught, tried and convicted. This offered her an opportunity to feel she was morally superior, and that she was being persecuted for her lord. This is a martyr complex, recognized by physiology, and is shared by jihadist suicide bombers, although it could be argued they take their martyrdom much more seriously. 😉

        Religion is poisonous to the mind!

  5. Here’s the Irony:

    Because of the ridiculous belief in Religious Eschatology (Armageddon) the #1 threat to our world IS RELIGION ITSELF!

    It is rich that a nun would have a problem with nuclear weapons.
    When the mushroom cloud appears over the middle east, millions of Christians will be so happy that their prayers will have been fulfilled.

    Nuclear weapons are the means, but Religion will be the reason.
    And this nutty nun doesn’t get it.