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(RNS) The growing misuse of the blasphemy law has riled some Pakistanis and, increasingly, foreign powers.


  1. Other than insanity, religious belief is the only explanation when one human kills another human, and does so because they think a god, who they think is loving, wants them to.

    Religion is poison to the human mind!!

  2. Behind every fascist is a God pushing a cause.
    Religion is on the march take away freedom of speech, even freedom of thought!
    The world must abandon this madness and put it in the dustbin where it came from.

  3. The article states “Though the courts have not sentenced anyone to death for blasphemy…”
    This is incorrect. No state executions have been carried out since at least 2008, but many death sentences have been handed down. At least 16 people are currently on death row for blasphemy, while another 20 are serving life sentences, according to Human Rights Watch.… Death sentences include Mohammed Asghar himself. Other famous recipients of death sentences include Younus Shaikh (now freed) and Asia Bibi (still in jail awaiting death by hanging).
    A correction might read: “Though the courts have not carried out any death sentences since 2008…” and to include reference to those sentence and on death row.

    • Tragic.
      The United Nations has been trying to pass laws to protect speech against religion, making blasphemy a serious offense.
      The nonsense of religion stifles all of human freedom.

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