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(RNS) Herbert and Catherine Schaible were already on a 10-year probation for the 2009 death of their 2-year-old son, Kent, when their second son Brandon died last year.


  1. Please name a reason, any reason, other than complete and utter insanity, that would cause two parents to purposely do this to their own children, whom they presumably loved, other than belief in a religion?

    Religion poisons the mind!!

    • Re: “… any reason, other than complete and utter insanity …”

      Ooh! Ooh! I can! That reason is … “religiosity.”

      Note that religiosity is not insanity. It’s a very clear form of reasoning, predicated on a set of premises (which, of course, can’t be verified, owing to their metaphysical nature).

      The real tragedy here is that the Schaibles are most assuredly not insane, and they aren’t mentally deficient in some way. Not at all. Quite the opposite, they made a cold, calculated decision to allow their sons to die. They simply expected … based on their religious beliefs … that their deity would intervene and stop those deaths.

      I can’t think of anything more evil than this sort of thinking. But of course, it’s “religious,” and the Schaibles are “spiritual” or something like that, so they only get short prison sentences for having killed two children.

      The only “insanity” here is in thinking the Schaibles will actually serve a 3.5 year sentence. They absolutely won’t. We’ll be lucky if they’re in jail for 3.5 months. And once they’re out, the commonwealth will let them get all their kids back, so they can kill a few more of them. (Sound ridiculous? Guess again. The commonwealth allowed them to kill Brendan after they’d already killed Kent. I have no doubt PA officials will repeat the same process all over again once they have the opportunity.)

      Remember … the Schaibles are sincere in their beliefs. And that’s to be respected.

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