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NEW YORK (RNS) The practice of reclaiming and eating food that has been discarded is populated mostly by nonreligious people. But for Gio Andollo, Dumpster diving is an act of faith, one that is motivated by a biblical mandate to care for the Earth.


  1. Years ago, while living in Dallas, TX, I noticed a couple “dumpster diving” in our apartment complex and I went out to if I could help – with an attitude of “these ‘poor’ people need help”. As I neared the gentleman peeked out of his position inside the dumpster and asked me, “Sir, I appreciate your interest, but could I ask how much you make a year.” That startled me, but he seemed to be serious so I responded: “Around $35,000”. “And of course, you pay taxes on that, right?” “Sure, everyone pays taxes.”

    “Well sir, we don’t. And by carefully selecting which dumpsters we visit, four days a week, we NET over $50,000 a year.” “Any more questions?”

    All I could do was shake his hand, excuse myself, smile at his wife and move on. Lesson learned.