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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis summoned the cardinals to Rome to discuss one of his signature themes: shifting the church’s approach on controversial topics like divorce and remarriage, cohabitation, gay marriage and contraception.


  1. The most complex aspect of modern family life is this: Mary the mother of Jesus and males at that time married at or just after sexual maturity. That would be the last thing we would want in a modern society. But the long wait between sexual maturity and marriage is supposed to be without sex. Not realistic and not of a superior morality.

  2. This is an important 1st step for Francis as he attempts to slow the ship so it can be turned around. This is the new foundation upon which a new “culture” is established within the church clerical hierarchy. It is a way of molding the way one thinks about church doctrine. When one’s thinking is changed new doctrines are put into place… hence change occurs.
    It is important to note that the task is to return to the Gospel. Let’s hope they look toward Gospel texts that have been reviewed, studied, and accepted by biblical scholars as it is well known the “original Gospels” are buried within many years of unauthorized revised editions – mostly by independent scribes and monks. These “kernels of truth” need to be allowed by the magisterium to be unraveled from the original texts so the TRUE word of GOD can be properly applied to the church’s doctrine & dogma.
    Erroneous doctrine & dogma based on inaccurately translated biblical passages need to be humbly reassessed by the magisterium and revised. Otherwise, the magisterium is perpetuating a false position. This is morally and ethically reprehensible.
    Francis should continue to hold clerics feet to the fire and clean-up this mess. My question; “If the Church is all that it claims – and it claims to be everything under the sun – why does it need constant reformation?” The response is the imperfection of humanity. Yet, the church has all these rules, laws, policies, and procedures, etc., as well as the claim of the inerrancy of the Vicar of Christ & guidance of the Holy Spirit. My response, you can’t have it both ways. Either you have it together or you don’t. My careful study and personal experience within the church for over 60 years – 4 years in the seminary – is that they don’t. They claim they do and want to try to convince you they do – but they don’t and never will. Once, I learned this I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. A pope such as John XXIII & JP II (God rest their souls) and now Francis is, in my view, the Holy Spirit trying, against the attempts of godless men, to bring the church where it needs to be. (The Holy Spirit does this with all churches and people so the Catholic church is not special in this regard).
    It is my fervent prayer that P. Francis is hugely successful – beyond even his wildest dreams – in his efforts to bring Christ back into the Catholic church.
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment

  3. I have not been divorced. In fact I am happy to be married to my wife of 41 years. However, all three of my sisters have been divorced.
    Alone and without companionship for years it seems to me an overly intrusive burden to Spiritual cognizance to require a formal “Annulment” before sacraments can be received..
    To me, going to a Tribunal so that a Priest can be convinced to make a formal ruling that the previous Marriage in a Catholic setting is to be disregarded is a bit overly technical. Similar to the rituals required by the Pharisees of the old testament. Do we believe that if this formal process is not followed then remarried couples can not be “Catholic” and participate in the sacraments when over 50% of marriages fail?

  4. Yeah, let’s make everything easier for everyone. Jesus was clear about those who divorce. Just because some people cannot follow the rules doesn’t mean you have to or for that matter can change the rules. Many times Jesus preached and they hated what He was saying. The truth is never easy to uphold, but the CHurch has to uphold a standard lest they become like the world.

  5. Marriage is very important and Jesus stressed how important it was. Although it still remains true to this day, things have changed. They should not focus on the “you cant…” when talking about marriage. They should talk about the positive values of commitment and marriage. Unfortunately, most Catholic priests are not married so they can’t lead by example.

  6. Am a catholic & looking forward to being blessed with a Catholic wedding but all priests have refused to do so as am marrying a non catholic divorcee & the only way out is an annulment by the church for the previous wedding . It really is so difficult . I wish there was another way out .

  7. We are free to believe what we want to believe. I think that faith can be above reason, but I would suggest that faith that goes against reason should be carefully analysed. If your faith promotes compassion and respect for all, including those who do not share your faith, then you might be on the right path.