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(RNS) Does your faith compel you to pick through the trash for your next meal? Or does it compel you to embrace unfettered capitalism? Or get a tattoo? Read today's Roundup to find out you're not alone ...


  1. I never knew the reason that the word God was not used in the US Constitution. Now I know that God, the author, is a sneak and did not want anyone to know what he was up to: approving slavery, restricting the vote to male property holders.

    And since God wrote the Constitution only Bible literalists can properly interpret the Constitution, the real one, the original, with slavery, no women voting, only property owners voting.

    God is such a Republican/Dixiecrat.

  2. I despise the Kochs. But I agree with Catholic U. Anybody’s money, however dirty, can be accepted as long as there is no tit for tat (except for naming a building).

  3. Could someone get the Dalai Llama to voles the tar sands in Canada and the various towns that have suffered suffered from the ultra-capitalist virtue of tracking? He could give the same talk.