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KIEV, Ukraine (RNS) Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov is neither Ukrainian Orthodox nor Eastern Rite Catholic, and that may be the key to his success at a time when fissures between East and West are threatening to split the country, analysts say.


  1. This article if full of half truths and doubtful or outright bad assumptions. Sure, as a Baptist, he is not affected by Catholic mistrust of Orthodox or of Orthodox mistrust of Catholics. But the situation in Ukraine is FAR more complicated than that: there are FOUR ‘Churches’ all claiming to be the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church” in Ukraine, three of them claiming to be Orthodox ( NONE of these look with favor on Baptists, who are suspected of dastardly, deceptive techniques to pull people away from the Orthodox and into their own camp. Why, the only groups more deeply despised for cult-like deception is the Mormons.

    Now you might not agree that the Baptists are guilty of these deceptions, but the fact remains: they are widely believed to be demonic deceivers, and not just among the particularly religious.

    This could blow up in his face as he tries to patch up union and pave over the tensions. The best news about him in this article is that his appointment is only temporary, so he won’t have a whole lot of time to do this damage.

  2. The only thing that will get rid of this crisis and all other crises and problems on this planet is God’s kingdom or heavenly government which Jesus mostly preached about while he was on earth. Fortunately, that Kingdom will soon put an end to all human governments (Daniel 2:44), rule with righteousness and justice (Isaiah 11:1-10) and bring untold blessings to people in all nations (Psalms 37:10,11; Revelation 21:1-4). That’s something extraordinary to look forward to!!