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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (RNS) The pews were packed Thursday (Feb. 27) as the first married man in the Maronite Catholic Church was ordained into the priesthood in the United States with the blessing of the pope.


  1. So now they will increase the number of priests who can marry. Because they are getting desperate.

    With religion everything is forbidden until everything is permitted.
    And stories like this show that religion is just made up as they go along.

    Gods are so transparently man-made. And ‘male’ made.

    • Anthony Khoury

      It is and has been permitted by the Eastern Rite Churches for centuries. There were married priests in early Church history.

    • As catholic, I do not believe the church is desperate to have number of priest; the church is looking for men who have the calling for priesthood.
      Not everything is forbidden but it is practicing your inner strength to discern choices based on the teachings of the church. Personally, I am not for priest to marry or a married man from other sector to say mass.
      To say “yes” to the Lord is forever commitment and most profound calling that the priest has promised him to serve, faithfully, truthfully and with all his heart, mind and soul. Amen.

    • Elizabeth Tolan

      Ok troll??…then why the heck are YOU reading an article about priests of the Catholic religion getting married? It’s ONE of TWO things: One, you’re a demon. Or most likely of the
      two, you’re not REALLY an atheist, you’re agnostic, simply questioning IF there’s a God, not denying Him. You’re questioning how you got here on Earth and why, who made you, why you think the thoughts you think…etc., etc., etc.,…

      I’ll give you a hint, I ain’t gettin’ pregnant by any monkeys any time soon and don’t believe my conservative Christian ancestors from Lebanon dating back from 100 B.C were either! Think about it, evolution? C’mon?! How many of YOUR friends and family members´ ancestors originated from monkeys? Apes? Zero. Exactly, because it’s a first grade level fact that monkeys mate within the monkey species, horses mate within the horse species, rabbits within the rabbit species, and THE BIG SHOCKER: yes, humans reproduce other human beings aka “homo sapien” aka “homo erectus” species and so on and so forth…soooo, if you don’t believe in God (Yaweh, “up in Heaven God”, Divine Creator) YOU CHOOSE THE OTHER OPTION….


      (Please note, when I began and even graduated college with my BA then my MA, I was still a BIG TIME, I MEAN REALLY LEFT, ULTRA LIBERAL, “peace, love and happiness” I still am. And that is what got me to switch to RADICALLY RIGHT, CONSERVATIVE, CHRISTIAN, CONSTITUTIONALIST, CONSPIRACY “THEORIST”. It is because I just had to research my many conflicting ideologies. In the past, I whole -heartedly identified as a “Dem”oncrat, yet wanted smaller gov’t involved in my life – (they screw EVERYTHING up. ) I was all for assisting the needy ONLY IN TIMES of NEED not on a consistent basis thus making people dependent upon, so that went against my leftie attitude and more right. The “duhhhh” alarm finally went off when I awoke to it in my head. I realized I was an idealist, thinking that the gov’t isn’t corrupt, and they have America´s best interests at heart. (Nahhh, I didn’t really think that -I’m not that blind and naive) but I had to be to some degree through college in order to focus on what the university wanted me to focDEMS were doing what they were doing, not because they LOVE giving money to broke students like me or my spic friend Manuel, they’re doing it to stay in power in politics. Do further research. The truth truth shall set you free and scare the heck outta ya too..proceed with caution. God Bless.

    • Please, elaborate. Please, I want YOU, sir, to debunk my years and years of personal research, general researching other great works, The Holy Bible, my inside of my heart knowing I was created by a benevolent, greater force in His image, and the basic knowledge that I didn’t (nor did any human) descend from any species of monkeys/apes. Maybe just YOU? There isn’t ONE recorded case of recovered bones of mixed human bones and mixed monkey bones so with evolution out of the picture, may you please explain to me HOW I was created? HOW YOU were? If you say evolution, please state a case…. thanks.

  2. Earold Gunter

    Until these man made religious beliefs go the way of thousands of others, I’m all for it. Maybe if they have wives that they can have sexual relations with, they may leave the little children alone.

    Religion is poison!