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VATICAN CITY (RNS) As important as such structural reform can be, church leaders and Vatican insiders say Pope Francis is really focused on a more ambitious (and perhaps more difficult) goal: overhauling and upending the institutional culture of Catholicism.


  1. Yes, but … I know many ex-Catholics who like the new pope but see clearly that what they see as the erroneous sexual teachings of the Catholic church and, in the US, the church’s alliance with right-wing politicians will not be changed at all. They left because they came to realize that so many priests and people in the pews were unpleasant in their self-righteousness to the point of having contempt for charity. The doctrinaire seemed to think sarcasm and bullying are gifts of the Holy Spirit. The doctrinaire still control the Catholic church, and who wants to be affiliated with them? Most who left will not be returning to the Catholic church, and this gladdens the hearts of the doctrinaire.

    • I am curious about what part of the country you live in. In the Midwest, where I live, those ex-Catholics that I know left the Church because of Vatican II, or because they could not reconcile their own opinions about birth control, divorce, etc. with Church teachings. Personally, I went to a Catholic grade school, HS and University and have never run into any Catholic or priest exhibiting the traits you mention. I also know no ex-Catholics who have cited the reasons you have for leaving the Church.. All the Catholics I know are also pretty big on charitable giving as well as doing charity work,.

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        Url knw hw we. Gt the bible in english it was tru the reformers who where martyred for the truth by the roman catholic church study who is dat fourth kingdom n u is the little horn dat came amongst the ten kingdoms. N wu is the three kingdoms dat fel n wu destroyed dem revelation clearly identifies wu is the little horn power.know ur history abt the martyres wu died at the stake 4 truth n the whole world wonder after the beast did url knw dat pope constantine changed the sabbath read the catholic catecism dey admit dat dey changed the sabbath from saturday to sunday revelation says he wil tink to change the times laws n the whole world. Wonders after the beast people wake up n study revelation its prophecy pls find a book called the Great Controversy the whole truth about history n da church n da dark ages wat happend der the inquistion the martyers Jerome n huss n luther wu knocked the 95 theses on the door of the catholic church william tyndale john knox pls find the history of dis martyers. The times times n times n half in daniel is tolkin abt the darkages c for ur self .c secrets of the jesuits n francis is the first jesuit to bcome pope n c the jesuit oat dis is very serious I’m a christian searchin 4 truth. Turn to acts 8vs37 in ur bible its only in da kings james I was amazed n started 2 fnd out wat hppn bt den history tel me the church re wrote a thousand copies n started to distribute dem bfore da martyers translate dem call no man father on earth bt people go to the confessin box for forgiveness n say father forgive me for I hve sinned come out of babylon my people meaning cum out of confusion pls chk does books u will b amazed livin in da lastdays look around us people are lovers of money more dan god dey even preachin abt money luv url wud da real luv of jesus datruth hurts but the pope fits the character of the anti christ liv by the law n u wil b saved by grace jesus said heaven n earth wil pass bt not one jot or titlles wil b changed from the law

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    He tryin to make peace but my bible tels me dat sudden destruction shall come I believe wat luther said sola scripturia means scripture n scripture alone. I go to my bible watch 4 wolves in sheep clothing false prophets kenneth copeland in his latest news said dat luthers protest is over if u a protestant may I asked u what are u protesting abt. Der are millions wu knws dis truth n dey are going to church on saturday we gt freedom of choice if u read another book called morals n dogma find it. N read it .Jesus luvs da sinner but hates da sin .wat is sin its da transgression of the law u break 1 u break all so wat abt the fourth commandment says remembeR the sabbath coz he knew we will forget n da only church dats preachin da truth is the sevent day adventist the pope said it himself if u fllw the bible sabbath u must b a seventday adventist hey I learned a lot. I’m willing to giv any one my house n my mum wants to giv 2 brand new industrial sewing machines a flat n overlock if url can show me in da bible we’re it says we mus keep sunday the first day of the week holy or the resurruction holy. I very serious its not going to b easy my wife father is a pastor bcos of the truth he cameagainst us just for askin certain question like what is the beast in revelation he couldn’t tel me but he went to college but then the jesuits started the college

  1. […] As the media continue to size up Pope Francis’ papacy at the one-year mark, David Gibson of Religion News Service writes about Francis’ plan for reform. He says Francis wants to overhaul and upend “the institutional culture of Catholicism” by leveling the hierarchy, teaching Catholic leaders to teach and to trust and evangelizing the world. Read his article, “Pope Francis’ Plan for Reform: Convert the Church,” by clicking here. […]

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