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NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) A call for greater acceptance of gays and lesbians has put African and Western churches on a collision course, as some African clerics liken mounting criticism from the U.S. and Europe to a new wave of colonization by the West.


  1. As the last quote observes, homosexuality was not unknown in Africa. Nor was it especially disapproved of before the colonial era missionaries brought Western Christianity. That was the real imperialism, colonialism. To call Western discovery of equality somehow an attack on African cultural identity is illogical.

    • Indeed, the colonial era brought with it “buggery” laws. One of the problems is that we have been exporting hate in the form of people like Scott Lively. Then there was the contingent of reparative “therapy” imbeciles that was so welcomed by Uganda.

      A group of young gay men were publicly whipped in a northern Nigeria shariah court in the last few days – so it’s not just Christians.

  2. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    How often have I heard or read Western liberals extol the natural wisdom of native peoples in places like Africa. But that is apparently only as long as the native peoples agree with the decaying values of their former colonial masters.
    Nothing I have read from-liberal secular sources shows any respect for the moral insights of African peoples.

    • “Insights?” Like the notion that sexual orientation is contagious or that gay people “recruit” others. Crackpottery is not an insight. It is an insult to our intelligence.

    • David Stutzman

      I praise the Lord first, in answering prayers supporting African leaders for adhering to the Bible. I have prayed nearly daily for President Museveni to withstand the pressures of homosexuals and their deluded governments. Christ will establish a government devoid of sin on earth when he returns; nations may as well begin practicing this now. The lost can not see with spiritual eyesight therefore they have no true insight. They laud man’s ‘intellect’ over God’s wisdom. Jesus Christ can still save them, if they repent and turn from their sin. Homosexuality may not be contagious but the evidence of it’s addictive qualities on fallen mankind cannot be denied, the United States is testimony to this fact. Again, give God the praise for men willing to stand with their loins girt about them.